Capturing enemy equipment

Has anyone considered giving the ability to capture abandoned enemy tanks to every faction, it would have certain advantages, you pay nothing for it unless you try to repair it, however you can’t reload ammunition in these units and its expensive to repair them, the only requirement to capture a t34/76 for example would be to load 4 infantry men into it and they would become the permanent crew. Is this possible, I am just wondering as it could be useful for germans and russians especially since they have expensive tanks(at least the good ones IS-2’s tigers, panthers etc) and late war the germans especially used nearly any captured equipment they could get though the russians used it less and less, usually for deception purposes.

This is planned as a faction specific dynamic for Finland and might be expanded to other factions in a limited sense. It was originally put on paper in 2007 and has been discussed extensively.

Thank you for replying, I was just wondering, hope to see it implemented soon, by the way if Finland appears then it should have amazing infantry and snipers(Simo Hayha) that would be hard to pin, able to move fast and cloaked.

What about being able to do the same for your own “abandoned” tanks? Could give the engineers a “resurrection” ability like the Core Necro in TA games, except it wouldn’t work if the unit is burned wreckage or a pile of junk.

That would be good though I’d prefer if you had to provide the crew aka two smg gunners(for example, could be anything from panzerfaustiers to engineers) for a t60, 4 for a t34 and so on.