Can't play in Ubuntu 8.10

Hello! It looks like you guys have a great game here, and I would like to start playing it, but I can’t.

I installed Spring from the PPA repository, as suggested in , and installed them with spring-installer.

Before playing, I disabled compiz decorations by running “metacity --replace”, because it have issues with some games. Then I open Spring Lobby, open the single player tab, select the map and the mod, added a bot, and start a game. When the map opens, it says me to wait some seconds. When it is over, the game closes and I get back to Spring Lobby with a messed resolution and I cannot use the mouse anymore. I still can use the keyboard, so I press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart X.

Can someone help me?

I do use Compiz and Nvidia drivers (180), and these are the last lines from my infolog.txt:$ tail infolog.txt [ 0] Loaded widget: 1944 Aircraft Sounds <sfx_planesound.lua> [ 0] Loaded widget: 1944 Propeller FX <gfx_props.lua> [ 0] LuaUI v0.3 [ 0] Finalizing... [ 0] Spring [ 0] Build date/time: Jan 18 2009 15:01:09 [ 0] Player Player connected with number 0 (client version [ 0] Player Player finished loading and is now ingame [ 0] GameID: b0c3bb49c67170736ec95c5902746db7 [ 0] /usr/lib/spring/AI/Bot-libs/ has a C++ interface Thanks!

Which bot did you use? S44 does not work with AAI (as in may crash), RAI and KAIK won’t do much (should not crash though). We use a special lua AI (can be found on this forum in the AI and missions subforum) called C.R.A.I.G. that was released after 0.92 and so is not part of it.

Maybe try a multiplayer game? Even if just to see if it connects and starts up?

Edit: now I see it was RAI. Try to get CRAIG from AI & Missions subforum and use that, should not crash. Your log ends right after AI lib was loaded, that suggests the game crashed at that point.

Thanks! You are right, I can start the game without any bots. I don’t want to start multiplayer right now, I want to get some practice first. I’ll dowload the craig bot right now. Thanks. This is resolved. Thanks again.