(Campaign) Map of Europe

I was bored but tired, so before going to bed I got ahold of a free license, blank political map of Europe.

Unfortunately the map is a bit distorted with the curvature but I don’t really care.

I started plugging in important cities and places as well as editing the national borders to their 1945 states (ie merging Czech and Slovakia, removing former Soviet republics but keeping baltic states, etc).

There are quite a few places up there, and I’ve still got more to add, particularly in USSR and eastern Europe, but western Europe is pretty much complete.

I’m thinking of finding a better map to use, one which includes North Africa and part of the Middle East.

Shush, you’ll get people all excited over nothing!

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Baltic states were already part of USSR. It happened in 1940 (or is your map supposed to cover 1939 too? Then parts of Ukraine and Byelorus should be under Polish rule).
Another thing: Kaliningrad was still Konigsberg then and was part of Germany together with East Prussia. Borders were changed in 1945, with parts of E.Prussia going to USSR and Poland, so current Kaliningrad oblast borders aren’t the same as were in 1944.