Callable Aircraft

Nemo, you mentioned something about figuring out how to do this?

I figured I’d explain again that I am not talking about purely automated aircraft. Simply the mechanic of calling in aircraft support.

Rather than WiC-style point-and-click aircraft assets where a non-unit aircraft will swoop in and shoot stuff, I’m talking more about the ability to request air support via the HQ or some other structure, the aircraft appear and fly in from the map edge nearest the HQ or whatever structure, fly to the HQ, and are there awaiting control by the player. They stay for however long amount of time, during which they are fully controllable. This time can be determined by two things; fuel (universal time) and ammo (variable). Ammo would only apply for fighter-bombers, bombers and things of that nature which have a special weapon of some sort. Fuel would be a universal time that aircraft can stay. If an aircraft does not use up its ammo it will still fly home when it runs out of fuel, or if it uses its ammo quickly (and becomes useless) it leaves (or perhaps not; fighter-bombers and other craft still had secondary machineguns). Planes should have a “Dismiss” button of some sort that makes them go away no matter what.

It basically removes the aspect of building and managing aircraft. IMO there’s already too much to manage in this game. Some simplification would be nice. With this, we still get the cool aircraft that can do the cool things without the simbase.

Sounds about right. Now it’s interesting what will happen if the HQ is far from map edge. The enemy might plant some AA on the shortest route from the edge to HQ…