buildTime Normalization

Basically make buildTime = buildCostMetal for all units, then use workerTime of facs/engineers to control construction speed/drain.


  • Easier to figure out what buildTime to assign to each unit.
  • Can change factory build rate/drain with just one value.
  • No more need to have different unit defs to build at different rates depending on fac.

Potential issues:

  • This would change things if facs aren’t constant-drain (I think they are though).
  • Would affect reclaim speeds (not sure this is significant though).

Current metal/time cost ratios:

Ships: 4/15
Tanks: 7.5
Buildings: 1.5
Light vehicles: 3
HQ platoons: 1
Other platoons: 2
Artillery: 5

Current workerTimes:
USSR commander: 20
GM Toolbox: 1000
Everything else: 10

New workerTimes under normalization:

USSR commander: 30
Other engineers: 15
HQ: 10
Barracks: 20
Light vehicle yards: 30
Artillery yards: 50
Tank yards: 75

Sure, go for it. Reclaim isn’t that big a deal anywhere.

Done, hopefully without too many bugs. Probably need to prune scripts now though.