Building a vehicle yard before barracks

[15:36:18] general
[15:36:50] how did you build the vehicle yard before the barracks?
[15:37:22] <General_Nub> it was available for the second worker why?
[15:37:29] strange
[15:37:34] <General_Nub> bug?
[15:37:42] it should not be available until you have a barracks
[15:37:53] <General_Nub> hmm strange
[15:38:02] yeah
[15:38:09] <General_Nub> but maybe barracks in build count as barracks built -> bug?
[15:38:24] <General_Nub> never had this before, or didn’t recognize it


The order for the vehicle yard was issued to the engineer before the engineer was completed, seems the requirements gadget only works on completed units.

Nice catch.

Fixed in SVN rev 2199.

(Just changed from UnitFinished callin to UnitCreated)