builders in spring 0.82.7 and svn 3321


I’ve just tried to play 1944_Moro_River_V1 with CRAIG as GBR. Building barracks was OK. But when I tried to build Vehicle/Towed yard, builders could not choose right position to start building.

In other words:

  1. order builder to build towed yard
  2. builder goes too close so he overlaps with building
  3. builder goes away
  4. go to step 2 :stuck_out_tongue: (until it’s too many tries)

It’s illustrated in attached picture.

In very few occurrences builder finally makes it after some tries. Barracks was OK on first try.

This is caused by a (desired) change in the engine minimum for builddistance.

I guess we should experiment to find a nice range (currently set to 0.1 in the .fbi so will default to minimum of 38), but for now I will set them to 128 (old engine default)

Commandos seem to be ok with the minimum (they can only build 1x1 units anyway).

Engineers should be back to normal in r3322

I’ve had commandos get too close and run back when trying to deploy satchels (it doesn’t happen all the time, though). Maybe a little build distance increase for them is in order, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

I was testing svn rev 3322.