Build Market Garden (v1.52, rev 3286)


[size=180]Changelog from v1.5:[/size]


  • Fixed RUS31k texture name.
  • Fixes to flagManager gadget.
  • Fixed some tanks lacking blockfear customparam.
  • Inf corpses no longer worth logistics <_<
  • increasing flag returns gadget no longer interferes with map_command_per_player modoption.
  • Bazookas and panzerschrecks should overshoot their targets less often.
  • Fixed Bf109 and FW190 velocities so as to be correctly proportional to Mustang.
  • Flak explosions in the air less often pin infantry on the ground.
  • Armor category fixes for GBRStaghound and GERRSdkfz10
  • Mines should no longer spawn on top of each other.
  • Flamethrower troops burn themselves less.
  • A lot of targeting category fixes.
  • Commandos now trigger mines.
  • Tanks should more often face their target with frontal armor. Also they can’t depress turrets through their hulls anymore.
  • Fixed ISU-152, IS-2, cromwell CS, Sherman 105 lacking movingAccuracy tag.
  • Fixed a potential hang in armor gadget (from flying dead-unit shrapnel).
  • SP Howitzers now get indirect fire accuracy bonus with LoS, like regular howitzers.
  • Fixed CRAIG not using HQ infantry to attack.
  • Fixed turret rotation speed for Tiger and Churchill
  • Removed deprecated units from CRAIG’s build lists.
  • Fixes for new & dramatically faster infSupply and ammo gadget (FLOZi is hero!)
  • Cloaked panzerschreck no longer gives logistics
  • Puma added to armor table.
  • Fixed error in Partisan gadget when a partisan drop point died.
  • Fixed crash in healthbars gadget.
  • Con vehicles now get out of the way if ‘pushed’ so they don’t prevent their own construction from occuring.
  • Fixed crash in flaghandler
  • Indirect fire accuracy code will now apply to mobile guns.
  • Mortars will no longer blow each other up when firing in tight groups.
  • Stuka will now target boats.
  • AFP weapon range fixes.
  • Various fx emit flares hidden.
  • Stuart muzzleflash fixed.
  • Took the gravity boots away from the US scout.
  • Made it easier for pontoon raft to unload.
  • German HQ no longer fires MG at tanks.
  • Fixed LoS of British AT gun truck.


  • 10% reduction to flag production (QQ~!)
  • Flags now start off with 5x lower income, and slowly gain value to a maxium of 10x starting value over the course of 20 minutes. Capturing a flag resets it to original income.
  • Medium MGs (MG42, .30 cal) deploy/undeploy much faster (12 seconds rather than 20).
  • US Gunyard upgrade cost/buildtime increased to 4500 (from 3000).
  • Howitzer ammo logistic cost reduced 15%, rocket artillery logistic cost reduced 10%.
  • Tank destroyer/tank guns 20% more expensive for logistics
  • Infantry no longer drain logistics while firing - anywhere.
  • Planes lose sortie duration at a lower rate while under fire (from 4 per second to 3 per second).
  • Godde overhauled AA/air. Now aircraft tend to survive AA fire unless flying low/attacking the AA emplacement, but will be driven off consistently.
  • All vehicles now have form-fitting hit shapes.
  • fighter-bombers now more accurate.
  • Mine-clearing now detonates mines one at a time, and takes much longer to clear the whole field (3 seconds per mine).
  • Standardized Los for cloaked units to 570 (exception being partisans, they still have small LoS).
  • AA guns now change targets much more quickly while firing.
  • PIAT (British AT infantry) slight range increase (245 from 235).
  • Stuka (German Anti-tank aircraft) received more ammo, can fire at vehicles.

[size=150]Efficiency improvements/cosmetic changes:[/size]

  • New healthbars widget for those who want LOTS of information about their units.
  • Tweaked widgets! Selected units now indicates the contents of transports, repositioned so as to not interfere with the aircraft control panel.
  • New track decals by neddie!
  • Infantry supply and vehicle ammo gadgets now MUCH MUCH faster! This should improve endgame performance noticeably for everyone. Flozi ftw!
  • New shader for flags! They flap in the breeze and turn with the wind! (Thanks jK!)
  • Flag radii now show at icon range.
  • “Morph” changed to “deploy”.
  • “Su” changed to “SU” for various soviet vehicles.
  • Paratroopers no longer leave corpses when killed in the air.
  • Soviet supply truck morphs into a cardinal direction.
  • V1s don’t give air raid siren warning.
  • Toned down tank reflectiveness/specular.
  • A series of tweaks to vehicle textures.
  • Mine clearing is now a queue-able map command.
  • Fixed descriptions for Glider sortie and US assault squad.
  • Added widget to show line of fire for AP weapons.
  • Added widget to provide a ‘control panel’ for aircraft when they enter the map.
  • Modified customFormations2 widget to allow line commands to single units.
  • Removed night, darkening, chilichat, crudemenu, old customFormations widgets.
  • Enabled buildETA, 1944 Icon Distance and doubleclick fight by default.
  • A set of new normalmaps/AO bakes (halftracks, kangaroo, sexton, US/GBR barracks, )
  • Removed deprecated/unused units, widgets, gadgets, (they were all already disabled, but now the internals are cleaner). Most of these now live in S44SP or S44Tactics repos.
  • Merged scripts for units which had the same ones.
  • Commando LZ internal cleanup.
  • Heroic searching by flozi for missing texture-caused crashes (/give all should work).
  • Replaced metal spot finder algorithm for flag placer with easymetal from CarRepairer.
  • Healthbars may be hidden again (use /luarules showhealthbars)


  • Added waypoints for CRAIG to: Hill 128, River Valley, Nuclear Winter, Moro River (thanks Lowdive!)
  • Some footprint tweaks to improve pathing.


Will infantry still fire at decreased rate when you have 0 logistics?
If you have 4 logistics left, nothing that I can think off uses less than 4 logistics per shoot, will infantry be able to fire at normal or even increased firerate just because you have 4 logistics left?


I gotta see that.

Nice. Now I won’t have to waste interceptor sorties.

Sweet. Mineclearing will be so much eaiser.

If that is the widget that I modified/made:
Did you give it an appriopriate name? FlygIdle Builders is hardly a good name for a widget about plane buttons even though “Flyg” means flight in swedish. :stuck_out_tongue:
When I use the widget selection buttons they both overlap somewhat. I wasn’t able to move it abit up to avoid that. Might give it another try though when I get back to my gaming computer.

The Tigers turret resets too fast.

Inf still have decreased fire rate when you log stall, yes. Good point about low log, I’ll probably just set the gadget to check when less than 50 or something. I did give the widget an appropriate name :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you can see all of this stuff in SVN!

Fixed in r3099.

I thought I got them all back in r2768: … ision=2768

But I missed that one. Let me know if there are any others you find.

edit: Churchill in r3100

Also, as Nemo pointed out, all this is of course in SVN, and, 1.51 release was pulled because there wasn’t enough TESTING of SVN and a whole heap of bugs got through. So TESTERS please TEST :mrgreen:

the nice single unit formation widget doesn’t work in engine version 82.6 with latest rev (I updated today in the morning, srry I totally forgot the revnumber…)

All changes r nice except :
-Low income for 20min that bores any noob away (just happened again)
-Strange fast deploy for mg42 ,browning .03 . Its kinda ugly and not fair to vickers and maxim, reminds me of C&C RA GI deploy.

this website is broken :frowning:

fixed, thanks for the heads up

np :slight_smile:

hm… this forum is a bit broken, too… it defaults to an invalid theme. after changing it in “User Control Panel” → “Board Preferences” → “SoftGreen” it works as expected.

please disable the other two styles + make this one default

That’s unexpected, if anything, Softgreen should be more broken than anything else