Build Koltso (rev 873)

Alright, well. Out she went.

Big fail.

Atleast one map and probably all is missing a texture file used by destroyed buildings. Which causes crash when said buildings are destroyed.


Need to put faction icons for AI sides.


LuaUI nonsense all over the place.

For Zerg, if you’re up for it:

[9:36:27 AM] it could be really cool if you’d make a widget that overlays the unit icon when zoomed at mid distance

I don’t quite understand. Does he mean something between unit only and icon only?

[17:37:09] <Hero_Swe> [ 33742] Caught content exception: File not found: objects3d/s44farmhouse1_destroyed.s3o

On Kiev. Though it may well be the same with the others that use it.

There’s some bug with the cmd_areaAttack gadget, line 49 i think it was

Yes, I think he means having a translucent icon overlayed over model at medium distances

Need to standardize all .wav volumes.

Fix minefield marker stuff with code from defense ranges widget.

Add lock camera widget.

Reconsider barracks limit.

Make mines not flatten ground under them.

Add in fixed healthbars widget (to handle 9999999 reload)

TFC suggested spawning a small squad with HQ - thoughts? I don’t think it’d be too bad.

Contact TFC about Nazi Defense :smiley:

Russia on larger maps - fast expansion + veh rush.

Infantry spawning in dead HQ and rax.

No veh rush for Russia - Journ played very shitty that game, he ASKED be to rushed (most of it was from spamming so very much Soviet SMG troops and sticking to mountains, = win over enfields

Bump up vehicle ammo across the board, bump up churchill more than others (lower than crom right now).

Fix unit descriptions?

Bump up ZiS-3 cost a bit.

I’m thinking the yardmap collision bug merits a patch - having shells pass through structures while they’re building something is a bit of an issue - it makes it way way harder for flanking attacks or infantry to do damage to base structures.

If we can solve the dead barracks endless spawning issue too, I think it’ll be good (along with various little fixes, balance and otherwise). Shoot for Monday?

Maybe with those patched, we can have an installer? I’ll try to advertise it on Russian resources then (by that time my translation of the unit guide should be complete, too).

Would like to request a (temporary) modoption: MaxAmmo Multiplier

As stated, multiplies maxammo. For testing purposes only in run up to the next release.

Suggestions for minefields: A way to have your troops automatically avoid running into minefields most of the time, by making the mine flag thingy a larger building whose footprint/collision is large ebnough to cover the mine. I would also have a yardmap.

Idea is essentially, when enemy troops come near, the yardmap opens, and allows movement through (so that enemy infantry will walk through and die). When no enemy is near, yardmap is closed, so that your units automatically path around it and dont walk through the minefield. This collision sphere would also have to be immune to weapons hitting it and basically not exist for any other purpose than blocking your friendly troops’ pathfinding.

Make flags selectable when they’re yours so that you can give them to allies, OR even better “uncapture” them so allies can capture them (you pull out command of the area, they have to move in).

Another flag idea: have the player owning the flag keep at least 1 inf in capture range. If there are no inf, the flag will gradually ‘uncapture’ itself and will become neutral again.

Look at US power - perhaps longer BT for their rifle squad. Thompson oddly good? better DPS than MP40.