Build Epsom (v03) discussion

Changelog from Dragoon:
Fixed AT mines.

Fixed borked prices Journ reported in his post.

Fixed Commando LZ.

Gave commandos a very very short range anti-tank weapon (sticky bomb).

If possible, I’d love to hear from people on what they think of current side/side balance. Do the Soviets own all? Germany totally unstoppable? ect, ect. And of course the usual “such and such isn’t fun” or “stupid unit X is broken”.

well in lieu of any bugs,
I don’t really like how soviet guys cant make flags, I like the sort of “advancing and holding ground and getting res for it with just infantry” system. Soviets have other perks I know, still it seems like a big S44 gameplay feature I don’t know why you would trade that in.

Also the builders terraform very slowly, if you ever have a spot where you can just barely build something it takes forever, especially with the already long build times.

It’d be nice to have a Deploy mutator, possibly with different setups to get some cool big tank battles fast. Really, scenarios is what spring needs, that’d be perfect.

Anyway I don’t mean to sound negative, love it so far.

With the last build I won my first two matches on AusnahmeZustand with soviets.

You can expand much faster with soviets than before.
The trick is to expand as fast as you can and build the barracks near the front line to shorten the way the units need to go.
And with soviets you need to pull out many soldiers.

I don’t know if this strategy works on other maps as good as on AusnahmeZustand but soviets have now a real opportunity to win before they got rushed away.

Will there be a release with new features in the near future?

By the way, I like this release cycle.

Who, terraforming since then?
Need to test new release, now!

by terraforming I just mean the ground deformation they do before building something on uneven ground, I know theres no free terraforming :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah, you have right terraforming the ground for a building takes very long.

I reported a bug (more a warning) here: about OpenAL warnings. And some sounds are raspy. And I don’t hear any shoot. Only command repeats and a few explosions. (Tested with soviets)

Soviets tanks are targeting shoot points weird. They turning and moving, but don’t shoot. Not with all tanks. I think only with tanks which have static turrets.

Yes, IMO this is something that should be fixed… Nemo, will fixing this screw stuff up?

Next time you see me on the lobby, poke me for the mini-mission I put together a while ago. A deployment mutator would indeed be very cool, and now that it appears that all Lua is GPL’d anyways, hey, what the hell, why not steal more from CA. I suppose we’d need to adjust our prices though - even with 10k starting metal, a King Tiger would be well out of range at 16k metal <_<

As per the Ruskies: early on, the thinking was that their infantry shouldn’t build flags because we wanted to reflect how ‘centralized’ their overall organization was - in effect, it wasn’t soviet turf when soviet troops took it, it was soviet turf when soviet political types came in and said it was soviet turf. That’s the silly realism justification.

The gameplay justification goes like this - they have so many infantry than other sides that they’re generally able to expand and take turf fairly easily. I wanted to limit that a bit so that they couldn’t take/cap more turf than anyone else. The end point is that the lack of commissar flags was a choice made quite a while ago, and if it seems to be outdated now that the game has grown so much, I’m open to revisiting that as a design choice. I kinda like it, personally - the soviets can expand like wildfire early on, so they have a metal advantage at the start, but inevitably collapse unless they get infantry to those positions smart-ish, and end up fighting to regain old turf.

As for the ground flattening speed - yes~!

I just found the tag “TerraformSpeed” so I should be able to fix that without borking anything at all. Any ballpark idea of how much faster it should be?

Played a game of build E. Comments:

  1. Partisans throw Molotovs at enemy inf. They shouldn’t IMO.
  2. An enemy Scott SPG was shooting at my partisans and ran out of ammo. Partisans continued to stand there looking at it, up until I ordered them to move into Molotov range (so they destroyed the vehicle). Bad thing is, I had to press M for Move order, because default order for a group of units is Fight and that doesn’t move them any closer to the enemy than rifle range (even if the thing is not targettable by rifles). So any kind of grenading requires micro.
  3. Molotovs are way too inaccurate relative to their short range. A partisan can throw one right under his own legs.
  4. Some of the units seem to lack voices. Soviet ZiS-5 truck seems to be one, for ex. (the only time I heard something from it is when it couldn’t get to some place).

if you take molotovs away from partisans, you take away the only reason they are useful., cloak and hide then pickle surprise them with molotov’s to the face.

I don’t propose to take Molotovs away, I want them fixed somewhat. First, they aren’t for anti-infantry use (rifle is for that). Second, they can be a bit more accurate (just so partisans don’t drop them right under own legs). I’m not sure if something can be done about not closing in to attack vehicles when in Fight mode.

Why are they not for anti-infantry use?
Molotov’s are used world round against infantry/police/anyone else not in a tank.

Only for effect, and because rioters usually don’t carry rifles. Overall its ineffective against infantry, lacking any sort of splash radius (atleast not comparable to any conventional explosive), requiring nearly a direct hit and above that requiring one to run right up to an enemy soldier to have any hope of hitting him, which kind of defeats the purpose of them having a rifle.

Molotovs were invented as a home-made anti-vehicle weapon.

Would be nice if we could tell MGs to face in one direction before deployment.

Flag LODs need adjusting so that you can allways either see the flag or see the symbol.
ATM you sometimes just see a stick and sometimes don’t see the flag or symbol at all.

I think the LOD thing depends on your icon distance and unit detail settings.

It does, but it is a problem that needs to be addressed if S44 is to run on all systems.

Might be being caused by flags unusually epic height setting, which is a hack for better coverage for the arty notification system

Russian Maxim MG squad lacks a buildpic in build Epsom.