Build Dragoon (v02) Discussion

[size=120]Change log from Cobra to Dragoon:[/size]

  • Soviet barracks 10% faster BT/lower cost
  • Soviet rifle squad gained 2 extra rifles
  • Soviet infantry HP raised to 65 (difference between 2 and 3 rifle rounds to kill).
  • Reduced ISU-152 bt/cost by 40% (its rather less heavily armored/effective than I envisioned).


  • Fixed Partisan shack being assist-able
  • Fixed soviet heavy AT not being cloaked
  • Fixed BA-64 not suppressing with its MG
  • Fixed Tank Trap showing nanoframe

Aaaand go!

Bugs in Dragoon:

AT mines do not seem to work (or at least not consistently)

jagdpanther cost needs to be readjusted up. also, it draws -50 metal from tank yard.

Wespe is drawing -50 metal from tank yard as well.

other than that… seems pretty good feeling.

That ISU -152 is gonna be insanely cheap. well not really but I fear the game where i have to fight those in mass with them in supply for concentrated bombardments.


the IS-2 is improperly priced. its only drawing 50 metal a second.

I was wondering why it was so underpriced for it capability’s.

ALSO- russian supply truck or general transport truck is drawing like -15 metal from vehicle yard or towed yard… not sure if this is incorrect or not.

edit #2

USA has plenty of mispriced tanks . ( m10 wolverine -50 metal, M5a1 Stuart -50 metal, the m4a3 sherman support tank -50)

also the USA transport truck and supply truck in vehicle yard are -30 metal a second, not -35 like rest of vehicles? might not be a issue, just informing…

edit #3

The M4A3 Sherman seems to get a glitch when you try to fire in front of it but off to the side a bit…, it will turn back and forth with the main body…

onto GBR…
the kangaroo draws -30 metal from tank yard, the Sexton draws -50, the Achilles draws -50.

And thats about all the stuff i can check.

Couldnt find wreckage info gbrsexton_destroyed

(N.B. In SVN, usm7priest_destroyed, rusgazaaa_destroyed, gerflak38_destroyed also missing. Whatever happened to damaged/destroyed versions?)

Bunch of COB piece errors on Killed() - rusk31, rusmaxim, gbrvickers, gerju87g. All fixed in SVN (please check for these things when adding units :unamused: edit: Ju87 issue was a problem with the model using non-unique piecenames! THIS IS BAD.).

Bah. Sorry about all the mispriced things, totally my fault - felix and I fixed them, and then I went and reverted to adjust the logistics cost of weapons back up, and overwrote all of those.

Will be fixed soonish.

ISU-152s are now 57 seconds/4275 metal. Remember that they only hold 4 rounds, and each round is 35 logistics. So 1) they’re hugely dependent on supply depots to stay useful and 2) they drain your logistics stores rather quickly (especially if you have other units using that supply).

Build Epsom (v03) is here, burninate the old!