Bugs in MG 1.52 RC2

This build is awesome!!!
Accurate turret and hull hitboxes, new AA behavior and lots of other improvements.

Now some bug reports!

  1. Giving turn commands while the unit is moving doesn’t work that well which it did before The unit will drive back to the position where the turn command were given.[attachment=2]TurnCommandWhenMoving-2.ogv.zip[/attachment]

  2. When planes run out of fuel they won’t fly back towards the HQ but rather go in any direction they face. Sometimes they will even fly in circles for quite a while on the same spot. This is bad as it can make you lose planes that would otherwise have given command back.

  3. The center of the german HQbunker is very close to the ground. This makes it hard for weapons without targetBorder=1 to fire at the bunker if it is placed even in just a very small hole.

  4. It would also be nice if you extended/inverted the bunker sides so that they get longer.[attachment=1]screen00044.png[/attachment]

  5. Flag spawner now spawn flags on more metal spots. This is good on painted desert and alot of other maps but is it good on 1944_Titan?[attachment=0]Flags.jpg[/attachment]Flags always seems to spawn in the mittle of the mex spot now. That’s awesome :smiley:

  6. AP and HE weapon velocities can vary quite alot(2000 vs 1250 for kingTigers). This makes units use HE shells against tanks if the HE shell can arc over a hill while the AP shell cannot. I can change this if given permission and if so… should HE and AP have the same weaponVelocity?

  1. Presumably some change in engine has caused this. Ergo I’m not sure if it is fixable, and I still don’t really understand what you mean even with the video. :blush:

  2. They ought to. I’ll look into this (perhaps Spring.GetTeamStartPosition is failing somehow)

  3. Fixed r3190

  4. I tried doing this in Upspring and it still looked really dreadful. If terrain deformation is on it will automatically terraform the ground below - maybe I can replicate that with a gadget when deformation is turned off.

  5. Presumably the metal map was designed that way by Spiked? If we prefer the old metal layout on that particular map, we can write a profile for it.

  6. Yes, please go ahead and even them out.

The turn command is given to the left of the tank. But does it face the place where I gave the command when it stands still?.. No it doesn’t. It’s abit off. Like 45 degrees.

  1. Should engineers be able to repair machine gun nests? They can.

I believe so, yes.