Bugs in 1.6

Soviet partisan drop plane gets distracted by enemy flags it flies over, and tries to attack them, thus NOT dropping the cargo where intended.

kind of the same thing happens with paratrooper drops, you have to tell it to attack after calling it in, otherwise it just circles around

I’d say that fixing those and V1 targeting would be a reasonable update release. anything else icky going on, either bugs or balance issues?

everything else is nice for now…
haven’t played enough to notice any balancing issues.

r3787 - Partisan Planes
r3789 - No more capping flags with trucks full of inf
r3790 - Tweaked glider & V1, works pretty well on Moro - extremes of distance either way will always be less accurate, also, if you want V1s to be better than this, tweak their accuracy, setting it to 0 resulted in pretty much bang on 9/10 times.

Also worth noting is r3788 - modoption to switch between legacy and QTPFS pathfinder for testing.


Katyusha has troubles finding line of fire. Noticed that during a game on Kiev. Probably has something to do with many wrecks being around. After a few successful attacks it wasn’t possible to use it anymore - it just moved to target spot instead of firing.

paratroop drops still sometimes fail to drop in latest svn - 3/10 circled around instead of dropping (the rest were fine), and only unloaded after an attack command

also, yuri, I added avoidFeature=false to the rocket artillery weapondef. if they still have that behavior I’m not sure what’s going on.

Possibly related springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=3334

Dead players get +20 and a share of Communism income. When the dead players storage is full income is shared with other players on that team.

When flags are given to an ally they are reset and produce very little resources again.

Katyusha problems seems to be script-related (maybe engine change caused this). It drives to the target spot if unable to fire, for example, because of script-blocked weapon (and that delay between salvoes is long). I don’t remember it doing that in older engine versions (it just waited on the place instead)

Infantry grenades r too strong.

customparams = {
armor_penetration = 80, – more than AT nades??
damagetype = [[grenade]],
damage = {
default = 1450,

compare the damage :

local KwK50mmL60HE = KwK50mmL60:New(LightMediumGunHEClass, true):New{
areaOfEffect = 55,
weaponVelocity = 1100,
damage = {
default = 330, – much lower than 6pdr?

but the biggest problem is the 80mm penetration , they kill even the advanced tanks, there is no way that a normal grenade could do that.

Are you sure about this? Medium tanks survive ~10 grenade hits in my experience, HE grenade damage vs armor doesn’t look all that strong to me.

1.6 Most III: Katyusha still behaves strangely. Tested on Kiev, and it looks like trees (or something else) prevent firing in most of the cases, so much so that the unit is useless. Couldn’t fire over the middle hill for example, I tried several different positions and none worked. Unit just starts moving to the ordered attack location.

Edit: Trees and other features probably have nothing to do with that. Same problems experienced on a featureless map. No wrecks either. Nebelwerfer worked on the same map however.

sometimes FW190F-8 dont bomb target.

some armored units r too expensive now to their usefullness.
for example Panther (yes that unit again):

  1. it has only good front armor , now with range nerf , it can easily be flanked
  2. its maingun has a bit of range advantage but after compressed range system the difference is lower.
  3. the reload rate is 2 secs slower than of other medium tanks, with compressed damage system weaker tanks can rush in from front take 1 hit and kill the panther.
  4. sniping is less effective now. (new radar system).
  5. 1 Panther = 3x M10 , the Panther will always lose against 3 M10 without killing 1.

I just looked into the unit file the buildtime>commandcost.

KingTiger needs its real front armor (180mm) to be save from isu152 and is2 with right facing at least, isu152 is the most powerfull weapon now (different damage type on weapon).
Its probably better to give it better armor (the real one) than reduce cost, so its use is more different from is2.


out of sync mostIII spring 0.94.1

We urgently need to test for ‘flying infantry’ in Spring 95 candidates

Flying inf reproduced successfully with 94.1.1-693-g5717870 :frowning:
As a note, I was unable to do it on a mostly flat map like 1944_Terra_Firma, but SmallDivide did the trick, so it has something to do with height difference between transport and unload point.

Reproducible enough to write up a mantis report?