Bugs construction vehicles


As I build more than one vehicle (tanks and artillery), and do not hang out.

I have to always build a vehicle at a time?

You can fix it?

Spring 87.0 + Spring: 1944 Pre-1.59 Morgenrote

How do you fix the problem?

You have just created to release the vehicle more quickly?

This is a Spring engine bug that should be fixed next engine release. I’d rather not introduce a hack to work around something that’s going to have a proper fix in the near future, if possible.

Some vehicles also hang in the ground, because theres no suspension on them. I guess that’s why they hang in the ground.

I have the same problem!

Is there a remedy or to wait a few years?

The problem should not be present under Spring 89.0 (current release)

Thank you!

I tried and it works fine!