bugs and feedback from april 20th SVN playtest

-SD kfz 2sm flak gun and GAZ-AAA messed up textures?
-transport trucks/ half tracks dont like to load and unload with repeat on, they used to?
-PTRD infantry runs with gun straight up in air
-some german infantry feet arent walking and are gliding
-some mortarmen done have baseplate on ground while firing
-i understand green bursts are soviet tracers but might try to make less laser like
-pzkpfw VI has coax muzzle flares erratically shoot from side of hull, instead of from coax or front machine gun points
-sniper reload sounds somewhat unnecessarily long and loud while other battle sounds should be louder
-troops jumping to prone should be lowered first before laying horizontally to stop the superman flying appearance
-planes getting AA from ground pull maneuvers to evade fire but get shot up worse… maybe make evading for air to air combat only so no loops over flak cannon territory :stuck_out_tongue:
-infantry spheres seems large and if made smaller bullets could be more near miss?
-spitfire sounds for aircraft missing or incorrectly named?
-certain vehicles like the anti air trucks looks weird with no men operating the guns, while units like arty looks awesome with troops operating them :smiley:
-error for weapon1 emit fx for gerwespe
-ger75mm anti tank gun wont fire deployed or undeployed
-sd kfz 2cm flak truck, might be slightly overscaled?

it crashed as well but it was like after 2 hours gameplay so i kind of figured, not bad…

not messed up; non-existent/placeholder

This problem seems to plague all transports in all Spring games; a simple fix for it is to select the truck and press W twice (w triggers “wait” or pausing the unit’s orders; pressing it twice pauses and then unpauses it and it usually resumes what it was doing)… another problem seems to be sometimes if a transport goes to the pick up spot and there are incoming troops, it may mess up its behaviour.

K, think aiming script isnt resetting.

This is pandemic to all infantry and occurs usually when you give them a move order after they have been prone.


For decades the standard colour for Soviet small-caliber ammunition was green. There’s not much we can do.

k, thanks

Which sniper? There are four…

Its not really maneuvering to avoid fire… when attacking targets it appears all planes, regardless of their target, will randomly and automatically pull maneuvers in order to get in a better position… no way to change it.

I’ll try it.

no, bug with the sound file.

We’ll probably include atleast a gunner on them.


All anti-tank guns will only be able to target or shoot at enemy tanks. They can not fire on empty ground.

I do not believe so, but I’ll check.

I’d ask you for a stacktrace but without the translator it wouldn’t do any good.

i know soviet tracers are green…
any how, i mean not laser looking green

also im thinking im going to make a few take a knee then go to prone animations for the infantry and send you them see if you like it, so they dont do the super man thing.