Bug Tracker & Related Stuff

We have a few options, SourceForge has built in Trac or Mantis, koshi recommends Redmine and has set one up for us on springlobby.info.

My only concern with that is that we seem to have stuff all over the internet (site, forums, wiki, svn, bugtracker), it’d be kinda nice to have everything consolidated and easily accessible - or at least limited to 2 locations. Koshi has said he might be able to move our svn to his host with everything else (full dump including revision history).


svn dump is only around 800MB, which would fit on my box still.
Moving svn ofc means transplanting not only the dump, but auth mechanism too. I haven’t used my svnserve setup in over two years, that would prolly need some fiddling too.
As for redmine, if you guys really wanna use it, running a seperate instance on spring1944.net is completely possible. Would’ve have taken more than the 2min for a new project on existing instance tho :stuck_out_tongue:
I could also try some clever rewrite rule on lighty to make it appear on same domain, dunno if redmine handles that well tho. In case it wasn’t clear before, springlobby.info and spring1944.net are indeed running on the same box.

Another option is to install Redmine on our SF webspace:
weacemethod.sourceforge.net/wiki … mineSF.NET

That way we would have (Site + forums + Wiki) on springinfo and (SVN + Redmine Bugtracker) on SourceForge.

Speaking from experience I wouldn’t touch installing redmine (or any RoR stuff) in an environment I do not have total control over with a ten foot pole.

I guess we could hack up a basic S44 redmine theme, and move the wiki, site and forums over to redmine so we had one ‘seamless’ centralised base.

SVN can stay on sourceforge but still be browsable via our redmine ( redmine.org/wiki/redmine/Red … -a-project )

edit: redmine forums are pretty fugly, would it be possible to keep phpbb with the same account data working for both?

Redmine wiki also is not nearly up to par with dokuwiki.

Sharing account data between phpbb and redmine should be possible in theory the same way as with dokuwiki, by implementing a new auth mechanism that serves as an adapter.
Thing is redmine is ruby and i can barely do minor edits to existing plugins to tailor them to my needs. So if it doesn’t exist yet, or someone else knows enough about ruby and RoR that’s not gonna happen.
Redmine can do openID tho. It’s much more likley that both dokuwiki and phpbb speak that too (maybe with 3rd party mods). Would be much cleaner imo as well.