[Bug] Russians development

Was playing on Small Supreme Battlefield v2 as the Russians on the latest 1.07.
I noticed that I could set up build queues while buildings were still being built. That wasn’t the weirdest thing though. The weirdest thing was that I started building a construction vehicle and was looking through its build options while it was being built, and then suddenly, it disappeared and the building no longer responds to any commands. I believe that I had been researching the building upgrade at the same time. That’s basically all that I can relay about the current situation, hope it helps the devs.

[edit] I believe that it was caused specifically by upgrading the building while building at it. The construction vehicle was never completed, however after some time, the building upgraded and started responding to commands again.[/edit]

[edit2] I take it back, not all is well, the building is responding, but when the units come out, they do not respond to commands immediately. Took over a minute (and several vehicle collisions) before they started responding. Something has definitely fubared…[/edit2]