Bug on 2788 with producing planes

Hello everyone!

If you allready got 20 planes and try to produce another the production stops. Ok, so you just can’t have more then 20. The building shows, that you are not consuming commandpoints for that while it is waiting, but in the topbar with the total production and consumption of commandpoints your negative value rises to the value you should spend for the production. Only the shown value rises. You don’t consume command points at all. Just the display is wrong.


Which planes? All sorties are limited to 5 of each except Recons which are unlimited, iirc.

Interesting about the messed up resource indicator. Not even sure where to start to try and fix it.

German planes. Built 10 AirS-Fighter and 10 Ground att planes. After this the production stops and the ressource indicator still shows consumption.

Planes are limited to 5? I only noticed that on us faction?

Yeah flozi… that 5 plane sorite limit hasn’t been working for a while…
I haven’t built up enough sorties yet in my games to actually find a limit… but I guess I demand over 5 sorties of each at the same time…

Whoops, I meant 10. It used to be 5. :blush: