Players:Godde(US) vs redgo(GER) and Buumi(USSR and GBR)
Game version:Operation Market Garden v1.53 RC4
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: Pretty intense battle with vehicles, tanks, artillery, airplanes and tankdestroyers. Buumis’ use of IL PTAB was not very effective even though he dropped them right ontop of my vehicles at times. They also completly missed their target in some instances.

My first game with rotatable camera and result was that I was even more lost than normally :stuck_out_tongue:
It still lasted pretty long only because it was 3 factions vs 1 and redgo kept his positions. My usage of important units was bad because of that camera system, like airforce and tanks… It was ok game and involved many kinds of units.

I agree on the PTAB buff though, I’ve been playing with it a bit, will commit this week and hopefully make a release build.

ILptab needs buildpic and own unit description.