Brit gliders - cannon shoots ammo

in some games today, in 1.5, i saw quite often that gliders landed, units got out, the cannon aimed and shot, hit the ammo thing which exploded, and most of the infantry that was in the plane dies.
not very sure if it was not the mortar, but it surely was not the enemy, as it only had some rifleman around there, not even in riffle range.

no idea how it could be prevented… guess spreading stuff more on plane land would look bad.

Hmm, the cannon ought to already have the ‘avoidfriendly’ tag. I know that avoidFeature is broken for cannon type weapons though, so maybe that is too.

Edit: the M8 doesn’t have the tags but they default to true.

I think that if units have their weapon inside another hitsphere or if they are inside another unit they will disregard the fact that the weapon is inside another unit and fire.
I remember when infantry were unloaded in the mittle of the transport. If there were enemy units around they would throw their grenades inside the transports hitsphere destroying the transport in the process.