I’ve already begun Lua bridge code.

At the moment I’m working on a simple tech proof of concept. It works on the concept of loading/unloading zones. Each bridge has two loading/unloading zones, one on each side. If a unit is in a loading/unloading zone and has a move order to the corresponding opposite loading/unloading zone, it will be MoveCtrl’d across the bridge until it is at the destination loading/unloading zone, and then released.

That simple tech demo can then be edited in order to handle bridging units, deployment into bridges, and the like.

Oh god. Good luck.
Don’t forget hat units can be on a bridge when it’s destroyed, that could lead to some WIERD bugs.

Well. I’d imagine that all units on a bridge when the bridge is destroyed are themselves destroyed.

Units that are destroyed while crossing a bridge will probably not leave corpses, would be very difficult to keep track of.

I don’t yet know if units will be able to fire normally while crossing a bridge, because I’m not sure if MoveCtrl disables targetting and firing.

What if an enemy reclaims the bridge.
I think they should fall and die if they cant enter the terrain type beneath the bridge.
Ie if someone builds a bridge over shallow water that infantry can survive in, they shouldn’t be destroyed.
That might make it really confusing to code though, and then falling damage…etc
Your way is better for a tech demo.

Anyway, we need to see how it works first (ie the demo), then we can decide what should happen if the bridge is destroyed. I’m really excited about this idea btw, because it can open the way for true buildable railroads (and Soviet armoured train is already modelled… :smiling_imp:)