[Branch] 1944: Zombies

Obviously, the name is just a placeholder, but I went in to work on the textures of the infantry for use in Zombies and discovered, to my chagrin, that there is no mutator, nor it seems, any of the work of Zombies avaliable on SVN. Can somebody set up a mutator folder with what has been done thus far so I can do my part?

zombies is just sitting on my HD, I never finished the zombie AI. I suppose I could throw it up somewhere.

If you could make a branch, we could work on it whenever we get tired of normal S44. I keep running from branch to branch when one annoys me, keeping me fresh. :laughing:

shouldnt you guys first finish one project?
I still also dont know where i could help :confused:

Well, for this, you could take the infantry model and make several zombie bodies from it, in varying states of decay. That would be useful, I can texture them. As for other things, give me a little time and I can feed you concepts for Finnish structures.

Nemo, how exactly does Zombies work as you envisioned it? If I’m to contribute I have to know what we are working with.

not really something that should get any attention until after MG goes out

Fair enough.

Recently I spoke with Kaiser about perhaps creating a model/texture piece set of zombies for use in 1944: Zombies, and perhaps another of civilians. At that time I promised to create a basic list of what we needed and what we have now.

At the moment, we have six modified infantry textures which I had hoped to use for the first stage zombies, that is to say, those who have been killed once. From left to right these are Finnish, British, German, Russian, American and American Airborne.


I will probably add a Commando zombie texture in the same vein. The flesh varies from zombie to zombie for greater differentiation at distance, though I am a little less than happy with the colours I chose for the British and Airborne soldiers.

For zombies I ideally want four stages of undeath, and of course one for the living state. Given more time and a better model format I would pursue injured, scared and prisoner textures for living soldiers but that is a discussion for another time.

0: Living - Healthy, hale, and ostensibly armed.
1: Reborn - Distinguishable from the living by being dead, with red eyes and unnatural flesh tone, perhaps small genteel wounds.
2: Shambling Reborn - Structurally compromised, with larger wounds and perhaps broken limbs, still generally dressed, but in torn and lightly rotten clothing.
3: Oozing Reborn - Seriously damaged with gaping sores, loss of surface tension and missing patches of hair. Clothing is rotting though still somewhat distinguishable. Missing Limbs at times.
4: Dessicated Reborn - Withered and dry, with little hair and darkened unnatural flesh. Minimal clothing covering minimal physiology.

It is important that the Reborn looks similar to the Living, hence my proposal that the same models and above textures be used for now. Kaiser’s work, then, would start with the pieces for stages two through four. I think this might work well for pieces and variety, per type of infantry, of course. [s]I mean, what is done, if anything, is left up to Kaiser, but this is the ideal…

2: Two Heads Per [Scratched/Unscratched], Two Upper Torso Per [Right Mass Damage/Left Mass Damage], One Lower Body + Legs Per, Two Right Arms Per [Visible/Invisible Bone], Two Left Arms Per [Visible/Invisible Bone]. One Corpse Headshot Head Per. (Ten Per)
3: Two Heads Per [Scratched/Unscratched], Three Upper Torso Per [Right Mass Damage/Left Mass Damage/Belly Wound], Two Lower Body Per [Visible/Invisible Bone], Two Right Legs Per [Visible/Invisible Bone], Two Left Legs Per [Visible/Invisible Bone], Three Right Arms Per [Visible/Invisible Bone/Amputated Hand], Three Left Arms Per [Visible/Invisible Bone/Amputated Hand]. One Corpse Headshot Head Per. (Eighteen Per)
4: One Head Per, Three Upper Torso Gen [Right Mass Damage/Left Mass Damage/Simple Wither], One Lower Body Per, Two Right Legs Per [Rags/Unclothed], Two Left Legs Per [Rags/Unclothed], Two Right Arms Per [Withered/Amputated Hand], Two Left Arms Per [Withered/Amputated Hand]. One Corpse Headshot Head Gen. (Ten Per) (Four General)

This means, given the six Reborn above and the one Commando not yet shown/attempted, at forty pieces each and four general extra for Dessicated Reborn, Two Hundred and Seventy pieces.[/s] Obviously this might be more than you wish to create, Kaiser, so this following is a more reasonable proposal - and probably a better use of your skills.

2: Two Heads Per [Scratched/Unscratched], Two Upper Torso Per [Right Mass Damage/Left Mass Damage], Two Lower Body + Legs Gen [Low/High Damage], One Right Arm Per, One Left Arm Per. One Corpse Headshot Head Per. (Seven Per) (Two Gen)
3: Two Heads Per [Scratched/Unscratched], Three Upper Torso Per [Right Mass Damage/Left Mass Damage/Belly Wound], Two Lower Body Gen [Visible/Invisible Bone], Two Right Legs Gen [Visible/Invisible Bone], Two Left Legs Gen [Visible/Invisible Bone], Three Right Arms Gen [Visible/Invisible Bone/Amputated Hand], Three Left Arms Gen [Visible/Invisible Bone/Amputated Hand]. One Corpse Headshot Head Per. (Six Per) (Twelve Gen)
4: One Head Per, Three Upper Torso Gen [Right Mass Damage/Left Mass Damage/Simple Wither], One Lower Body Gen, Two Right Legs Gen [Rags/Unclothed], Two Left Legs Gen [Rags/Unclothed], Two Right Arms Gen [Withered/Amputated Hand], Two Left Arms Gen [Withered/Amputated Hand]. One Corpse Headshot Head Per. (Two Per) (Twelve Gen)

This comes to eighty six pieces, which while a large number should cover all of the above and minimize the need for new pieces as other sides enter the game.

The corpses of the zombies should generally use the same pieces, as they will reanimate, in the following pattern.

Living -> Reborn -> S. Reborn -> O. Reborn -> O. Reborn -> Dessicated…

However, I request Headshot Heads for the “final” corpses of those slain by gunfire. A headshot should prove truly fatal for the zombie no matter what stage of decay, and though I haven’t decided how to model this in the game design, I believe the chance of death by headshot will vary by gun. Fire, for some game modes, should prove similarly fatal, but I think the ideal corpse for that is some sort of ash covered bone pile.

I think this is enough to go on. I will continue upon recieving input.

Since civilians are a major element of the mode and thus far we don’t have current civilian models, Kaiser brought up the idea of doing civilian and civilian zombie models the same way.

Ideally speaking there would be dozens of different civilians running around, but for now I think it can be done like this…

Young - Female - Average
Young - Male - Average
Adult - Female - Slim
Adult - Female - Average
Adult - Female - Heavy
Adult - Male - Slim
Adult - Male - Average
Adult - Male - Heavy
Older - Female - Average
Older - Female - Heavy
Older - Male - Average
Older - Male - Heavy

Obviously each would be in pieces as head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. They should probably also have a headshot head. This plays into the zombie work from the civilians later.

Note that once one lego set of the civilians is complete I can play with the textures to give us ethnic variance, if necessary.

Anyway, as you (Kaiser) said in lobby, we can create many zombie variants by using pieces from different civilians and thus need fewer stages for each zombie, so there are only two zombie forms for each type, zombie and dilapidated/aged zombie. Each needs head, torso, arms, legs and headshot head.

I need to get back to work, but here is a post to chew upon?

I am uncertain whether Kaiser read this post, but if anybody else did, thoughts/feelings/modifications?

Some of the modes I kicked around a few months back.

Bastion of Pulse
The human commander(s) has been tasked with the occupation and defense of a strategic area which is theoretically both defensible and self sufficient. She begins in a corner of the map, the defensible township in the middle of the map. Zombies occupy the town and after capture of the town square is complete, move in from the map edges, chasing small groups of civilians and overwhelmed military troops (Prisoners To Be Freed).

Setting: Temperate Europe/Mediterranean
Intended Play: 1-4 vs 1-4 or 1-2 vs 1-2 vs 1-3 or 1-4 vs AI
Human VC: Control Limit and Time Limit or Population
Zombie VC: Control Limit or Kill All
Special: Fearful Deserter Gadget

Ural Dead
The human commander(s) is stranded without communication equipment amid a cluster of villages in September, 1944. She begins in the middle of the map, surrounded by broken or forested terrain as well as the aforementioned villages. Zombies come in from various infected transport routes and settlements around the edge of the map, the commander must destroy these or at the very least hold off the hordes until Winter sets in and lays the undead to waste.

Setting: Cold North Europe
Intended Play: 1-2 vs 1-2 or 1-2 vs AI
Human VC: Kill All or Time Limit
Zombie VC: Kill All
Special: Night/Day Gadget

Plan C
The human commander(s) has been tasked with collecting healthy civilians and transporting them to a transport hub for extraction. She begins in one corner of the map, the transport hub is in the opposite, various villages and towns dot the landscape. Civilians can be found at these settlements or rushing in from the map edges. Zombies spawn around the hub at the beginning and periodicially drop in around the map edges.

Setting: Anywhere
Intended Play: 1-3 vs AI, 1-2 vs 1-2, 1-2 vs 1-2 vs AI
Human VC: Population
Zombie VC: Time Limit or Kill All