Board Rules

Behold the roles of this here forum:

By registering at the Spring:1944 forums,

you agree that:
1) You intend to participate only in constructive discussion on this forum.
2) All posts you make in serious threads will have some substance to add to the discussion (light-hearted threads in non-work areas are free game).
3) You will not “troll”, harass other members, or engage in excessive flaming of other members.
4) You will restrict off-topic posts to the appropriate off-topic forums.
5) You will not post or link to illegal material, pornography, graphic or explicit images, or any other inappropriate material.
6) You will conduct yourself overall as an adult.
7) You will leave moderation to the moderators. Calling for threads to be locked or posts to be deleted is a huge pet peeve for the admin, and will likely earn you a ban and/or a swift punch in the mouth.

and you realize that:
8) The Spring:1944 website and forums are owned by koshi and maintained by the S44 Team; they have ultimate authority on the website and forums.
9) You do not have any “rights” beyond what the administration grants you; this means that you do not have a right to “freedom of speech”.
10) If you violate any of these rules, any other rules posted, or severely piss off the administration, you may be permanently banned from these forums.
11) Disciplinary actions, including bans, do not require any sort of warning, official notification, waiting period, or mandatory reinstatement. Any warning the administration gives is purely because the admin is having an especially good day and wants to give you an opportunity to stop whatever nonsense in which you are engaging.

Additionally, you will always remember that:
12) This is the Internet. Take very few things seriously. Except this list of rules, of course.
13) The Internet can be rough. There are no swearing filters here. Argumentative discussion is not restricted unless it gets wildly out of hand. People may say offensive things. People may strongly disagree with you. People may disrespect you. Deal with it already. That said, the emotional nonsense that usually arrives with very heated (that is, what may be deemed “non-PG13”) language is not very conducive to constructive discussion. So if you find your post deleted/edited and it had nasty words in it, it wasn’t for the cussing, but rather the useless nature of the post. Posting that “%(#@#ING SHERMAN TANKS ARE TOO POWERFUL” is much less likely to get a serious response from a dev than a reasoned explanation and a well stated argument for your case.

14) The primary purpose of this forum is for discussion of Spring:1944. Admin won’t whip out the banhammer if you discuss other mods, but there’s probably better places to discuss them. The Spring forums come to mind.