Big ships

Hello, i search the unitnames of big ships for the /give cheat. In a wip forum have i seen a finnish coastal defense ship and a pre dreadnought battleship but i find in spring only: the german and the russian submarine, the british and russian monitor, destroyers of all countrys.

Where have you seen a pre-dreadnought? I’m pretty sure I made none of those. Maybe you mean the pocket battleship?

Large ships are not included in main S44 resources, they were made for another game (fully naval).

In the wip gallery ,topic: awesome screens. Its a picture of the user godde (i think its a russian alexander III class battleship)

Yuritsch where become you the finnish coastal defence ship?

That was Sevastopol-class dreadnought, not pre-dreadnought.
Finnish coastal defense ship is done. But, like all the rest of large ships, it’s not in main S44. We have a project called Burning Waves, that’s where the ships will appear.

Thx. Is in spring1944 no bigger ship than the robertson class monitor ?

Roberts is not buildable in game. Largest ships that can be built are LCG and German flak lighters.

/give gbrmonitor = Robertson class moitor. Is there something bigger?

I said buildable, not cheat-giveable :slight_smile:

Sry but this dont answer my question :slight_smile: . Give it bigger Cheat-gived ships?

No, in fact, the cheat giveable ships will be moved out of the main build and only be available through mutators (or Burning Waves which is a separate game entirely) in the future.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? :no4: :no4: . Whithout that its gives no big ships more in spring1944

Dude think about the sizes of those ships