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I was wondering what the best method for making the game infantry only would be…preferably in a way that can be turned on/off at ones discretion. I would assume that disabling the buildings that create anything other than infantry would be the easiest way…but the list of units is really long and finding said buildings can be very time consuming (I haven’t done it yet) I am mostly asking this to see if there is a more effective method then what I said above as I am new to this game (and I love it).

Thanks in advance! (unless of course you don’t deserve it >.>)

Hi Dennislp3!

The easiest way is indeed as you said, to disable gunyards and vehicle yards in the lobby, but it is a very long list, no question. If people think it would be used, I can happily add a modOption to the next version that would restrict the game to infantry only (so it would just be a checkbox in the options page in the lobby). A more indirect way is to simply play small/low command maps, where the lack of resources demands focus on infantry.

Glad you’re enjoying the game :slight_smile:

Disabling the yards isn’t too hard if you know the nomenclature for the structures in the build list, but yeah, small maps are another control. On the BocageSkirmish map, you only have something like 5 flags. If you’re controlling 4 of them, you already have your opponent backed into a corner and without enough command to produce anything but infantry (this is why I hate small maps; I get cheesed inside of 30 minutes without having the fun of unleashing tanks, aircraft, and arty).

Another option is to pick maps with terrain too rough for vehicles. Road to Rome, if you’re playing NW vs. SE, only has about four passable approach routes for vehicles, only two of which are flat all the way. I have yet to play that map against a live opponent, but in that case aside from my two customary tank roadblocks there’d be a lot of infantry action on the hills in the flanks, and against the AI I have successfully snuck infantry through and launched assaults on the enemy base.

Thank you for the responses. I think the infantry only mod option would be good…sometimes I just like the added difficulties that can come with infantry only battles (mainly the speed they move and the chance of being pinned by fire etc.).

I also hate when infantry can become infective in games (not a flaw…after all tank > soldier, although if used properly they can easily be more useful than a bunch of tanks). Another thing is that when people like me are starting out I find it easier to take a new game one subject at a time rather than being thrust into a full scale battle that could only be won if you know what you are doing (C.R.A.I.G. doesn’t help the situation any lol).

It seems to take me longer to figure out what things do and all if I have German tanks banging at my front door. In the case of infantry only it would teach you the game mechanics while keeping your options limited in a way that is not to restrictive but allows you to still learn how to play and ease into the game rather than being thrust into a battle that will require you to haphazardly stumble through the tech tree trying to figure out what everything does.

I feel that these small things can, for the time being, help make up for the lack of tutorial or manual (although the forums have every answer you would need you just have to find em! or make a new thread)

But hey those are my thoughts!

Although my advice for anyone who has not thought of it and can not win against C.R.A.I.G. is to spectate a game and watch how the AI works. By doing this it gives you a bit of a platform to work with and build from. The one thing I learned is to pump out lots of soldiers >.>

Alas I have still not won a game…luckily I’m used to playing a game that is based on the motto “Losing is fun!” (if anyone can tell me the name of the game I will give you a cookie =P) so it does not bother me all that much.

An ‘infantry only’ mode for CRAIG is probably worth looking into

I was fiddling with the settings and all and I realized that the unit restrictions list also saves when you choose to save preset options

So essentially all you need to do is disable the vehicle building facilities and save it as a preset…its deceptively easy ¬.¬

Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarf Fortress indeed…if anyone is looking for a very complex game and doesn’t mind losing a lot you might want to check it out lol

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