B is for Buglist

churchill needs more ammo

russian inf need to gain less hp for exp

russian light howitzer too cheap

collision on buildings

MG scripts desperately need fixing (this hurts gbr most)

gbr obs trooper not on hold fire

units target minefield signs—> VERY VERY ANNOYING

widget to block “unit cannot move” messages needed

widget to autoset icon distance to 300 (iw has one, could just ask to borrow)

Last one is already done, though it sets it to 200. And it might have been taken out because spiked found it awful.

mortars kill themselves sometimes, I think when they fire near trees, features or when semi submerged in shallow water

The following corpse models are missing; I have replaced them with existing models for now.

GERJagdpanzerIV_Damaged.S3O (replaced with GERJagdpanzerIV.S30)
Kubelwagen_destroyed.S3O (replaced with Debris_Small.S30)
usm4a3105sherman corpse objects were misnamed.

wtf, Kubelwagon? Hasn’t been one of those in the mod for well over a year

[8:51:08 AM] <[LCC]Saktoth> Sometimes when you morph guns to static, they disappear entirely if there are units on the same spot.

If you put two deployed guns close enough to each other and fire alternately, they’ll stay invisible.

[17:14:18] <[LCC]Saktoth> All the polygons turn inside out on tank yards after they morph
[17:14:27] <[LCC]Saktoth> we have this problem in CA too afaik
[17:15:46] <[S44]FLOZi> yeah, we fixed it for the morph gadget but not for the upgrade gadget yet

[16:19:15] <[LCC]Saktoth> Mines can gap flags for gaia

Seems like a strange thing - why would any units beside inf have flag-capping ability?

Current changelog (February 5th, 2009), Koltso —> Konstantin


  • Fixed building yardmaps so projectiles no longer pass through them.
  • Set grenades and molotovs to targerborder.
  • Lowered LoS miplevel to 3 (from 2). Should speed things up a fair bit.
  • Removed gun jammer exploit - they use stealth now instead;
  • Set observs to hold fire by default;
  • Fixed a lot of targeting preference tags, should lead to generally better behavior from specific target units (like AT guys, snipers, tank destroyers).
  • Partisan rifle FX fix;
  • Supply radius interacts better with spectators;
  • Equalized Transport Truck costs/stats;
  • More useful names/descriptions;
  • Maxrange indication added to deployable weapons;
  • Reduced crater-age from rocket artillery;
  • Mortar killing self fix;
  • Units no longer attack minefields (“moth-to-flame” syndrome);
  • featureDef handler update/fix;
  • Units no longer lose experience when they deploy/undeploy;
  • Removed minefield marker from the gadget, put it in a widget (only the owning player will mark it now).
  • Raised infantry slope tolerance a bit so they can access ‘kbot’ areas of older maps.
  • Mines no longer level ground under them.
  • Fixed areaAttack error.
  • Fixed transport behavior somewhat. Not perfect, but better than it was (use area Unload!)

[*]Fixed dead barracks/HQ spawning bug.


  • Removed storage from regular Truck Supplies;
  • Increased deploy/undeploy time for trucks and halftracks to 20 seconds to deploy, 20 seconds to undeploy.
  • More than doubled deployed truck supply range (200–>450).
  • Removed supply trucks, merged their functionality with halftracks (from the veh yard). Mobile supply range of 200, deployed supply range of 625.

[*]Added a check to the fear code to negate fear if a tank is in the radius. Basically tanks will keep your inf from being pinned by big shells if they’re nearby.


  • Grenade damage vs armor dropped back down.
  • Lowered HE damage vs armor to 60% of their damage to infantry. Usually amounted to a 40% decrease (ie, howitzers won’t stop armor dead in its tracks so much anymore).
  • Dropped commando cost to 85% of previous, cheapened airdropped commandos a bit as well.
  • Howitzers (plus Russian light gun, ZiS-3) and nebelwerfer +40% cost;
  • Tank Obstacle cost reduced (to 15, from 23);
  • Increased cost of Russian Vehicle Yard 15%.
  • Increase Logistics storage for storage structure and increased their cost -250% more storage, 200% more expensive;
  • Flamethrower cost increased 10%;
  • Commando crawls twice as fast, recovers from fear twice as quickly, and can not be pinned.
  • Commissar moves more slowly, doubled decloak radius, 15% cost increase.
  • SMGs much more accurate while moving. MP40 most accurate on the move, Thompson least accurate, small overall difference.
  • Thompson range down 15%, MP40 range up 5%

[19:23:04] <[RoX]Tobi> the squad stuff breaks firestate / movestate inheritance from factory to units

The mobile artillery guns from the US and Germany barracks kill themselves if they fire while in shallow water.

We need to either restrict the use of the teamcolour white or have another effect to signify flag capture for players who picked pale colours.