Awesome screens

Mostly because I decided this little set was awesome and wanted a place to put them. Throw any and all awesome screens from S44.

How many ships have you wasted?
Nice Civil-war screen you have there.

Here are some more screens.
First: a German Seehund midget submarine next to a Soviet Type M submarine. While their size differes greatly, their firepower is almost equal - both carry 2 torpedoes. Russians have a 45mm gun as well, which can be used after the torps are gone… but it just turns a submarine into a very weak surface ship.
Second: a Soviet Project 7 destroyer, a Seehund and a German Flottentorpedoboot type 1939. Size difference between units can be THAT great.

Awesome indeed!

What other subs are you planning yuri?

I’m not sure about other subs. If I can find something small and relatively mass-produced (both Type M and Seehund fit that description) for other sides, then I’d do it.

Will the type-M and the Seehund cost the same? I’m scared that peeps will mass-produce the seehund and spam the enemy’s navy, since u said that both of their armaments are nearly the same

Seehund only has 2 torpedoes. Once those are fired, it will have to go back for resupply. It has no weapon against small boats (up to Fairmile D in size) because those aren’t targetable by torpedoes (from realistic point if view at least). And I plan to give the boats some anti-sub weapons. Seehund will be a small sneaky large ship killer, not suiteable for spamming. Mostly the same for type M, but that one will be able to surface and use its gun (which will get it killed for sure if it opposes anything larger than an infantry transport boat). Shore bombardment from a sub can be interesting as well, though most any anti-tank gun will kill it very fast.

Not exactly awesome, but new suppression indicator icons:



Smiley war? :smiley:
How do those look when units change into icons (very probable situation for infantry)?

They’re long since scaled out of view by that point.

Here is a new destroyer (well, just a DE, but that still counts):


A new ship joins the Royal Navy…


Now we just need to script it to roll like a flower should :smiley:

Continuing with the ship theme…
This is a Type 1934 German destroyer.

This one took much more time than I expected, but now finally it’s modelled.
This is a Fletcher class destroyer. Now all the 4 sides have their ‘large’ ships.


Kewl. Now, how big is the shipyard? Btw, what is the polycount?

I’d say polycount is about 8580. It’s a very powerful unit that should be rare, so it can probably use that much.
We don’t have a shipyard yet, since no one modelled it. It should probably be large enough to house units like that destroyer, and there will probably be a much smaller version for light combat ships as well (which could be built in shallow water).

The ships are looking great, I’m looking forward to seeing them textured.

I’m not quite convinced on those faces for the infantry suppression, though. Since, after the first time they see them, players are going to know what they mean anyway and pretty much start paying attention to just the color, perhaps they could be replaced by something simpler like just a significantly smaller yellow or red exclamation point or something?