Availability of Newest Release

Hey guys, I just realized that the ‘S44 lite beta v0.21 0.1’ mod isn’t available on any of the download sites… I have tried fixing this… however my my slow connection simply times out. I was wondering if someone with access to fast internet could possibly fix this… people with fast university connections would be ideal coughNemocough


P.S. (I may be wrong that its not available, I simply couldn’t find it)

files.filefront.com/S44LiteRelea … einfo.html


:angry: … this is GHGFHEGRHR … if ican’t do download from free mode i will blow that site :angry:

The reason I haven’t been uploading it anywhere is because it crashes with games over 2-3 people in them. 1v1s are totally stable, but 2v2 and larger seem to be very likely to crash out, and I’d like to avoid S44 being known as “the crashy mod” by the playerbase.

/me readies his horse to spread the word

heh thanks, was worried i wasn’t able to play for a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the release is delayed due to bugs and not wanting 1944 to be known as the buggy mod (I come here often :wink: ) but I think it would be a good idea to put something on the web page at least once a week letting others not in the community know what is going on with 1944. If it wasn’t for the forums I would be worried about it but some people won’t go past the front page to dig a little deeper. Just a suggestion :wink:

True. Sorry, I’ve been spending more time updating the Moddb profile than our actual front page…

I’ll make a newspost on our page this afternoon with something a little happier sounding than “delayed…”

Cool, this is a great mod and I would hate to see people forget about it due to lack of news.

Good post for the main page, that should keep the people interested :wink:

yep , would like play new version if possible ; o.21 crash much . May you release new svn ?

Well! If your version of 1944 crashes, mine can’t even load unto the spring launcher (or whatever).

Ping! Is the project alive? (no offense intended).
When will we be able to download those magnificent aircrafts that will come in the next release?
I really enjoy this mod! great job!

We are still quite alive yes. Just emerging from a quiet period, starting to pull together for the next release now.

Aircraft will be included, but as a toggleable ‘mod option’, as we think they may be somewhat unbalanced without the complete set of aircraft and anti-aircraft equipment. This will allow players to try them out without forcing them to be used.

Nemo can explain it better. :confused:

Ok! Happy to hear that :smiley: let me say it again: i really like what you are doing guys, i think its got a lot of future. I’ll be expecting for the next release, cheers!

Hear that guys, he got high expectations for the mod… no pressure :laughing:

After the recent changes, I don’t think people will be disappointed.



Players may also be surprised (pleasantly i hope) with some of the changes.

…Mostly due to Tigers. :sunglasses: