autohosts (move away from springie?)

I don’t think we need to do this just yet, but Licho’s introduction of an error message on all springie autohosts instructing people to use ZKL does suggest that maybe we should have another plan ready in case springie keeps growing more specific to ZKL

So! Potential solutions

  • I’ve already had a few nice chats with Zydox, who offered us space on his server using his python-based autohost swarm.
  • Ask our great and benevolent Owner Of the Server (ie koshi) about the feasibility of a SPADS instance or Zydox host-swarm on his box.
  • Worst case: try to patch together as much coverage as we can using [S44]Autohost and Yuribot

To my mind, the best approach is the first; even if koshi is ok with it, it’s a big ask in terms of system resources/yet another process running, and Zydox already has infrastructure running/hosting games regularly. The only tricky bit is figuring out how to update the hosted game version without asking Zydox directly - springie has a fairly nice tie-in with rapid where I can just submit the link to the version I uploaded to our webspace, and a few minutes later that’s the version that’s on the S44 springies.

Anyways this is all still hypothetical: best case scenario is that licho is cool with making exceptions for non-ZK autohosts in terms of juggler compatibility/doesn’t tie springie more tightly to ZKL.

Totally agree. And not just you guys for your autohost tbh.

Running spads or zydox’ system on my box would be no problem at all, but I agree using zydox setup directly would prolly be better. Especially since its not exactly mature yet and might need insta-fixes on site some time :slight_smile:

Re: updates, that shouldn’t be much of an issue. I’m sure Zydox and I could get that going via svn/git hooks from box.

He might be, or he might crack tomorrow and declare his entire box zk only…

Somewhat related, I’ve just made it possible to override what SL identifies with to the server from the user’s or global config file.
Currently it would send SpringLobby REV, now the default is Appname REV, where appname is set via the “-n” paramater of SL. If theres an entry Useragent in the config that is used instead of Appname. Same for Userversion -> Rev.

Basically this way one could at least temporarily foil Licho’s abuse of admin powers to get all users login data.

I don’t like where this all is going to be honest. Kind of reminds of browser wars some years back (IE vs all the others) - similar techniques are starting to appear.

While Licho and I came to an understanding/compromise re: the juggler issue last night, he also pretty much said ZK will probably be splitting from the rest of the community server-wise in the coming months, once they get ZKL back on linux.
So, yeah backup plan, but no hurry IMO.