I have an autohost up, currently its hosting the released version of the game. I haven’t run into the crash bug in 3 games yet with an autohost. Its actually very very stable. Im going to leave it running for a while, if anyone wants admin on it just reply to this and tell me your in game name and ill give you admin. Ill keep the SVN up to date also, so you guys can test the SVN with an autohost.

I have a feeling that an autohost will reduce or eliminate the crash bug, but i have only tested 1v1 on the host so far.

The vast majority of the crashbugs were in 2v2 or larger games. Lets set up a time this week to have a stress test game on the autohost and see if that helps.

Sounds good, what time is good for people?

and if anyone wants admin on the server just ask.