ash2life feature uvmapping/skinning

Hi Ash2Life. Here’s a list of features that yuri modeled that we’d like to use in maps.

got it thanks - will start working on it

One more model - TM-1-180 in ‘neutral’ position (so it can be properly animated as a unit).

There you’ll find some pics of the railroad cars which are in the models.

i finished a example for the cart as it is the simplest mesh of all to start with
128 x 128 texture, dark burned weathered wood, modified some edges to be “hard” now

looks cool :smiley:D

The watertower as a quick do - i decides for a red brick type with a big wooden front door.
the backside gets slowly very lightly greenish withered from the decades of it facing one direction

What you can not see good here is the rusty metal roof, im not sure if they where made like that or other material was used commonly or even which color ? green rusty copper

512x512 tex -

Awesome! We’re going to need more models soon :slight_smile:

Yuri, if you have time - could you model some more building features? houses are good (this is from prague: … 4454a6.jpg, probably more rural things would also be good) barns, anything you can think of to put together little villages. if ash2life is skinning them so quickly, we can put out a lot of map features, which would be awesome.

Good work, maybe you can try with my simple french models, :wink:

Here’s a pack of smaller objects (wells, barrel, power line poles). I’ll make something larger as well.
Upd: 2-story house, like on that pic.

a few of the smallobjects done

  • pole2 tex 256x256 (uses same pole1 texture)
  • pole1 tex 256x256
  • loudspeaker tex 64x64
  • barrel 32x32 tex

:confused: more time consuming than i assumed, hope i can finish simple ones the next days

  • well1 tex 256x256
  • loudspeakers tex 64x64 (redone, wasnt happy with it - now im more)

i have well2 and roadsign left to do in the “smallobject” package,
any wishes what to be on the roadsigns? i think ill just keep them 64x64 so it might not really readable but hey! :laughing:

Well, you can write something like Moscow and Stalingrad there. Or some other 2 places which are somehow connected with WW2. Of course it won’t be readable in 64x64 at all, so you can just make it look rusty and the text not readable because of that.

I would make some 64x with rust, and then drop some 128x for campaigns and special missions. We can do those later though.

  • well2 tex 128x128
  • roadsign tex 64x64 (easy replaceable by content)
  • cart tex 128x128 (redone cause i feeled like it)

I need to know a few things before i upload the current files for you:

There is a little rail-piece mesh that i want to finish first, what resolution is wanted for this?
Is there a need for a texture2 to be produced for the current objects?
Do you need the objects in .obj or any other format too? (.3ds)

anywhere between 64x64 and 256x256 is probably fine.

as for texture2 - that would be awesome (just so we don’t have the cart looking shiny by default)

Using transparency is also quite useful. Or can be. For certain things. We should’ve used a lot more of it tbh, but it’s a little too late for that…

  • ussr-rails tex 128x128
  • variant with added fake gravel/stone texture under the rails. i simply added a plane under the object and ate its borders a little with the 1bit alpha.

i got to ask again - a object that does not have any specular/selfillumination will it need a tex2?
as this texture would be just black. or let me ask different what does spring do when it doesnt find a tex2

(not sure about objects) units can work w/o tex2.

all objects with tex1 and tex2 in a zip

for the ussr-rails i added the variant with gravel as seperate object using the same texture

maybe if you attach/dupilcate the rails later you might think of making the connecting polygons of the steelrail be holes/not rendered these are like 32 triangles saved per railobject