Artillery fire doesn't cause fear if the shot hits something

When an artillery shell hits the ground it causes fear in an area but if the shell hits a unit or wreckage then it doesn’t cause any fear. It’s pretty noticeable with the fear bar in the new healthbars widget. I’m sure this happens with the deployable howitzers, I seem to remember it happening with mortars as well. I’m not sure at all if it also happens with the heavily armed support tanks (105 sherman and 95 cromwell) or self propelled howitzers.

I was testing svn rev 3266.

What unit is being hit? Tanks and factories for example are supposed to block fear weapons.

I have mostly noticed this when an arty shell hits a factory. I also remember this happening when an arty shell hit a soldier (direct hit, not a near hit that fell on the ground); the rest of the soldiers around him didn’t flinch. I’ll test more thoroughly and report back.

I should make it clear; if a tank or factory is in the fear area of effect (not just a direct hit) no fear is applied.

So I was testing this, because I wasn’t sure it still worked…turns out several tanks don’t have the tag applied (like the tiger). however, when units that actually have the tag are around, it does indeed function properly.

The question remains; is it counter-intuitive? :wink:

Almost certainly, especially because it causes them to die faster <_<

Ahhhh… so that could explain why I didn’t notice it working when I wanted to… Which US tanks have the tag?

all of the US tanks had it, with the exception of stuart and scott.