Artillery animations from Blitzkrieg mod

A Chinese modeler made those. Behold:

Polycount is on the level of our models imo, if not lower. But the anims…

Incredible work. Does blitzkrieg have any kind of model / animation editor? I’m guessing the animation script itself is similar to Spring’s.

Actually they use animations as part of model. There are predefined sequences for model “states”: deploy/undeploy, reload, fire, die, etc. Their editor is Maya, for which there exists a plugin that allows export of BK models with anims (that’s the “official” way, used by BK devs to make the game). Plugin only works with Maya 4.5 though.

There is also something like upspring, a user-made model rigging tool called Tanks. This one can assemble a model out of .obj pieces (and can export those .obj back). I’m not sure how this tool works with anims.

And because of it’s scriptless nature their animation approach is limited. There were many attempts to make non-standard units like say horse-drawn artillery look good, and they failed - as their engine does not provide a “moving” animation state, the horses can’t move their legs when moving, resulting in horse statue effect. Same with a few other units.

Also, take a closer look at the anims. The figures themselves are mostly static, they just move along predefined paths, but hardly even raise hands. And still it looks cool.