Any strong feelings about versioning/naming of next release?

Folks posting on the spring s44 forums about a new release, so all I need to do now is name it, zip it, and upload it. So! Name-off!

It isn’t a super exciting set of changes for “1.7” and a new operation name, but we sort of ran out of M-series names, unless we stop caring too much about progressing alphabetically within the M series (which is fine with me, that’s what version numbers are for). One thought was 1.7 Operation Neptune, partially in honor of Yuri’s awesome work on the ship textures. Thoughts?

We take a further step back and go for Operation Infatuate in honour of the LCS(L) (2) and LCG(M) :smiley:

I like Neptune, and there is also Nordseetour, which shows as a real operation name for german Admiral Hipper’s first Atlantic operation. (says wikipedia… don’t take me for granted).

Release post! let me know if I should make any edits

Also, for posterity, because springfiles is silly and resets the download count when you upload a new version: Most III had 9,189 downloads.

Looking good, I wouldn’t know if you’re leaving something out though.

I edited in GBR LCS(L)(2) armoured support boat in the spring forum post

Awesome. I uploaded to rapid on the “latest” and “stable” tags, but last I checked Nickel was still Most III – might need to get some divine intervention from a ZK power. Also I tried to bump Nickel to 96, but it never started a new battle…dun dun dun.

Once the autohosts are converted I’ll post on our homepage.

Neptune Version that I downloaded from springfiles is not the version on nickel servers
or it doesn’t recognize it as the same, more precisely
*1 minute ago: yep, downloaded again and no good

Really? I used the same source for both:

grumble grumble. I’ll reupload to all sources, hopefully that will fix it. thanks for reporting, lowdive.

hm yeah it looks like springfiles auto-renamed the file, or something. it was neptune_1.sdz there. grrr

Terrific. :slight_smile:

ok, reuploaded to rapid, but SpringFiles keeps renaming it to s44v17_neptune_2.sdz: I’ve sent them an email, so hopefully it’ll get resolved soon. I just put the link from my goofy project domain in the description for now.

directly uploading seemed to fix the renaming issue on springfiles. let me know if you’re still having problems with that version, lowdive.

First things first: At least now, I can see the green checkmark on the Game atribute of the server list when I look at the nickel servers, wich should mean it’s the same game version now :smiley: , but now the problem is my springlobby I think… whenever I get into the server factions show as s1, s2, etc. can’t see sides, blah, blah, now I think it’s got to do with springlobby changing the file location preset whenever it changes to a serv with 96.0 or 95.0 or 94.1, the game starts looking for the executable and mods/maps in documents/games instead of the original install path…
It’s gonna take me some time to sort this out I guess.