An MMOG version?

Hi, i am always dreammed a game like this but persistent and massive… :mrgreen:
I think that today is possible with TGE ( that have a RTS kit and MMOG kit… and is multiplataform, windows, linux, OSX…

i own the engine but i am a windows programmer…

tellme what you think, and if is possible to use portions of this great game…

Well, all the art in the game is released under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ( so you are pretty much free to use it if you like - but I doubt any of the S44 team would be willing to switch engines at this point.

The Spring engine ist something which people are working every day for patches and updates, on comercial things lets say Games.
You buy a game and you can download some patches against bugs or cheater/hackers after a couple of years the game isnt supported anymore.(ex. Battlefield 2)

Spring or S44 is a community Program which people are working for fun every day to make it better same Linux or Ubuntu.
normaly the Games or Opensource things are supported veryyyyy LONG much longer then any other things, more updates, patches and so on.
Windows have updates for example Windows XP Sp1 + Sp2 + Sp3 yeah then you need millions of Anti Viruses and Firewalls to make it secure.
But hackers can find there way everytime through the system. Because the updates you downloaded fix nothing or mimimum aspects.
The the support for the system runs out and you need to buy a new system (vista for example)

Ubuntu is Open source you can find all you need very easy and fast you have everyday Updates for Programs or system updates which never are large. every half year you can download an new Ubuntu version which is better (better hardware support .etc) the support of LTS version from Ubuntu is very long and mistakes in the system are fixed very fast and you can update your system.

Thats the same with the Engines. Spring can be updated and the engine can handle more if they want (i think) and it cost nothing also things can fixed throught the update system much faster and cheaters or hackers dont have a chance to make a hack which works LONG like in Battlefield 2.

[maybe gramatical mistakes]

Ok, i will start working in the game engine, and maybe when i have something to show, other people want to help. :slight_smile:

I will make the windows part, i dont have linux or OSX, so maybe i will need help with the installers and compillation in these plataforms.

I can download or svn to the s:1944 source and art?