an idea! for zombies

synopsis:zombies can morf, adv zombies cost log when they move(like cloaked units in other games), basic zombies produce log, zombies cost command to morf, basic zombies produce command, each morf costs 10 log(shen theres 0 log nothing can morf and specialist units lose their specialness)

rationale for basic zombies comm/log production: limit the ratio of advanced zombies/normal zombies and make more super zombies less common

rationale for movment cost instead of base cost: allows a zombie player to maintain a larger force of adv zombies, and not corner them into fighting only on one front while abandoning all otheres due to costs

zombie types:
basic zombie-the run of the mill zombie(its life storry: got out of house, went to get newspaper, got its brains eaten)

advanced zombie-a all-round beter class of zombie (+20% all stats)
+1command/log (costs 200 to morf) opens up morf to more advanced zombies

heavy-a megabrute zombie itll take a bazooka to take it down (10mm armor, +100%health, -40% speed, -70% sight range, 5hp/s regen +100% damage)
-20log/s to move (1500 to morf) opens up advanced heavy

adv heavy:(stats added ontop of original heavys stats)

hulk-masive abomination armed with a tank turret (armor improved to 15mm +50%(3.6x normal)health +20%(0.86x norm)
speed 10hp/s regen +500% damage(tank destryoyer))
-40log/s to move 4000comm (note: cannot be shot with an at gun, like inf)

fatty-o god it just ate McDoodled’s, run!!! a waddleing ball of death by high cholesterol (armor 0mm +500% health
150hp/s regen +200% range/size(long arms))
-15log/s to move -10/s stationary 2500comm

armored-hehehe it tickles… well you may need a bigger gun (armor 90mm +150% health 10hp/s regen)
-50log/s move 6000comm

fast zombie-run run as fast as you can ill still catch you im the zombie gingerbread man ^.^
(+50% health +5hp/s regen +50% to speed/manuverability short jump ability)
-40log/s to move (700 to morf)

adv fast:

speed daemon: the zombie equivelant of artillery, point im in one direction and wach im go
(-80% health(same hp as basic zombie) +300% speed -90% manuverability(really slow turning) explodes on death with
enough damage to kill a kingtiger)
-80log/s to move (2000 to morf)

jumper: boin! boin! (i know what your thingking of you dirty, dirty, child…)
(+50% health +50% attak rate, long jump)
-60log/s t move (3000 to morf)

road runner: beep! beep!
(+50% health, speed, attak rate, no jump)
-70log/s to move (5000 to morf)

specialist: i m waching you… (basicly the zombie equivelant of a scout)
(can cloak, no attak, -50% hp +200% sight range)
0log/s (100 cost)

adv specialists:(specialists and adv specialists do not get hp/speed bounuses

cloaker: the invisible man
(can cloak, small decloak radious +200% damage/attak speed)
-90 log/s (2000 cost)

zombie miasma artillery: (o god the smell…)
(can fire a severed limb with smoke/pin effect 500 range)
-25 log/s (4000 cost)

burrower: diggy diggy hole! (an ex minecraft player)
(can burrow(like a landmine no hitbox/decloak range) and be set to hold fire(enemies pass over then you pop out
and get to the buisness of slaughtering them all from 2 sides), 200% attak speed)
-20 log/s (4000 cost)

zombie overmind: your resistance is futile
cost 10000
hp bunker
armor 60mm
+40 com/log

ive had an idea for the zombie system, and its in my head, and it wants to come out!(lame jokes are free)

I think zombies shouldnt be that complicated,
my idea was that zombies learn skills with more xp ,u get jump(jump button) then kamikaze(detonate button) much later smoke(smoke dgun).