An idea for realism

Okay so this is the idea.

Scattered around the map are train stations with tracks. The stations can be captured, just like flags, though longer. Once captured, the player has instant access to all tanks of the respective nation. When they are ordered, they will take a set time to arrive by train, depending on the unit. Heavy vehicles like the Marder would take around 2 minutes to arrive, while a light vehicle like trucks would take about 10 seconds to arrive.

There would be 4 types of stations.

Light Station, for calling in batches of 20-30 infantry and trucks. Useful for capture especially at the front lines.
Medium Station, for calling in vehicles like the Marder or so, and can transport batches of 30-40 troops.
Heavy Station, for calling in light to medium tanks, artillery and can transport batches of 45-50 troops.
Industrial Station, for calling in heavy tanks or other game enders.

When a unit is ordered, a train carrying a tank would be seen entering the map, dropping off the unit, and then hurry away. The train with the tank can be destroyed, making the players defending the tracks.

Stations would provide logistics too.

If this is implemented, this would give players another reason to expand and avoid vehicle spam.

Heh, remembers me of the trains in C&C tiberian sun, though there you could just use them as transports if I recall correctly.

have engineers be able to build tracks and railtanks and armored trains would be fun