An ammo Idea

think ammo should be not based on energy at all, but should use a energy system simalar to KDR’s Fibre Mod.

Maybe stockpiles can expend themselves? That’d totally be freakin’ sweet. Like…
Small 100 ammo units (different units use different amounts)
Medium 1000
Large 10000
Home buildings Infinite
And could be “Repaired” to recover munitions.
the simplest way would for it to be based on hp, and make the explosion when destroyed based of HP. this would make a lot of sense.

I like the reloading near home base, though the range needs to be nerfed to all hell. I mean, Barracks and vehicle yards tend to end up close to frontlines on bottleneck type maps, and this makes combat very spam heavy.

In genereal, good vibes so far, I think it just needs refinements.

It would also keep engineers busy late game.

Any thoughts?