Ammunition Factory

I do not think that it is realistic that new tanks and guns have full ammunition when the ammunition bar is empty.
I have two suggestions for fixing this:
1: Make Ammunition factories that will create ammunition at the cost of command points; after all, isn’t that what the vehicle and tank yards are doing now? (I like this idea better)
2: Make new units have empty ammunition if there is not ammunition left.

They have individual ammunition stores on board. Logistics merely indicates the supply of undistributed ammunition. When they run out of ammunition as an individual unit, they have to return to supply radius to reload from the overall Logistics supply, and if that is insufficient, they cannot replenish their stores…

Personally I think 2 may be interesting to try out sometime. I think it will make the game much more focused around logistics on all maps, independent of amount of command available from flags.

Now on high resource maps you just spam tanks and once your first group of tanks is out of ammo you’ll have 10 new ones with full ammo ready. (And the old ones are still useful as heavily armored mobile MG or as shield for the tanks with ammo.) So even with the new 7.5 minute default supply rate there’s not much need to build supply storage if you’ve plenty of command, as long as you don’t care (or there’s no need to care) about not using all your tanks as effectively as possible.

Yeah, agreed with Tobi. This would actually be quite easy to model - just give units an energy cost. I’m not yet sure what a fair amount would be, but yeah. This could be a good direction to move in.

Depends on what you want of course - giving units energy cost means you also can’t make them anymore as shield or for their heavy MGs. On the other hand it is (much) more obvious supply is really important if you can make only a reduced set of units if you don’t have it.

What I had in mind when typing previous post was just setting initial ammo to 0 in the ammo handler, the unit would then reload automagically while / just after being built - if you have the logistics available.

well i would more prefer a Repair pad which can repair vehicles near a defend line (same like the support trucks for ammo) ^^

I agree with N3mesis.

You can repair units with engineers :bulb:

(put them on patrol to have them repair units near their patrol line)

yeah i know but they die very fast so i had a battle and i send a engineer to a tank after a couple of minutes i need to send again a new one because this one died maybe the ammo truck can repair, too this would fit at the best. Its more a suggestions then a idea. I noticed that the tanks or vehicles and soldiers can “repair” themselves but this take to much time.

I usually try to keep some logistics somewhat near my front lines at all times. Then I pull my tanks back, repair and reload, and send them back in.

Yeah, true. I’m split - if its done as a cost, it is indeed a lot ‘firmer’ and removes some options, but you also get back what you spend if you cancel construction. Also the cost is more obvious (no need to add some fancy tag to show that the unit is going to drain X amount of logistics when built). That said, stalling is a way, way nastier event - ideally they’d use energy cost normally until things started running out, at which point they’d just build with reduced/no ammo without an energy cost.

Well the entire idea of the “factories” is that they are not factories but frontline workshops where newly acquired vehicles and equipment are given final preparations before being issues to actual frontline units for combat duty.

If you can imagine, when an object like a tank is built in a factory it isn’t simply driven out into the battlefield (well, on some occasions they were, but stfu). After its factory testing and preparation it is handed over to army logistics commands where it is assigned to a combat unit. It then takes a long trip on a train, usually disassembled, greased up and stripped down, to be offloaded at some army train depot near the frontline, where it is unloaded, reassembled, degreased, and then sent to the local HQ of its new unit. From there, the unit’s own field mechanics and logistics crews give it a final once-over; applying camoflage paint if it is the unit’s norm, stripped down of any unecessary parts, tested, loaded with ammunition, assigned to a specific crew, etc. That’s where the “Field Workshop” part comes in.

I think adding a small energy amount may well fuck up the logistics system as-is especially for units whose ammo is extremely “expensive”, like rocket artillery, where building one may dry you up completely.

Now we have units come out of yards with 0 ammo. You don’t use logistics to build them, but you do use it to arm them AFTER they are built. Works fine, having no logistics doesn’t prevent you from producing units, but it does somewhat prevent you from using them, and if the enemy manages to kill your storage somehow, no amount of command points will buy you ammo :slight_smile:

You don’t send units to the front with out supplies, how would they drive off the trains etc?

They aren’t driven off the trains, they’re driven in pieces off the trains/in trucks for assembly. This is 1944, after all, many train lines are inoperable. We may eventually use lua to show them being driven to and from the local motor pools/yards but at this time we are concentrating on other things.

So motor pools are effectively field factories? Is this historically accurate?

Not precisely. There is no historically accurate and gameplay viable method, hence this compromise.