Ammo Econ

So here we can discuss the developing ammo economy.

Caiaphas has said he feels some units have too low storage. And he hasn’t even met the IS-2 yet… :S

I feel that maybe we should remove the ability of Engineers to build little ammo supplies. I found it was somewhat easy (with enough attention) to build a dozen or so of the little things all over the place. This kind of goes against the idea that ammo supply buildings would be high-priority, centralized targets, that can be identified and attacked to provide a big blow to your enemy’s supply lines. This doesn’t happen if you’ve got a dozen of the things spread out everywhere, losing two or three doesn’t really matter.

I’d still say kep the trucks but make their radius rather small. I really like the dynamic of sending streams of trucks to the front to unload into ammo for your forces.

We just need to place more emphasis on the really huge Supply Depots that are built by engineer vehicles. Those things should be able to resupply entire areas and therefore be focal points in battles on the frontlines as you and your enemy try to search out each others’ supplies and take them out to improve your chances of victory.

We can make small storages not so small so they cannot be placed just anywhere (and the enemy will just need to check large open spaces to find them, but that may make some really bumpy maps unplayable). Or make them limited in number (and possibly their number can depend on something like the ‘metal’ income so it would scale for large games with dozens of tanks in need of suplies, this will require dynamic unit limits which are possible via lua), if a player can only make 5 of them, he will surely want them to be in a protected area. Or even make them limited in number, but upgradable for higher capacity, so losing one which you spent a lot of time upgrading will hurt.

Here’s my current idea:

There would be two forms of supply.

Firstly would be the large Supply Depots, built by Engineering Vehicles. They will be super expensive, and should require a constant metal intake when they exist (maybe we can have it on/off, but, meh, too much work, just let it suck metal forever while it’s alive). They’d also be limited to, say, three. Their supply radius will be quite large and they will serve as local “hubs” for ammo supply. This way they will be critically important, and attacking them will be critically important (as well as protecting them).

Secondly, these supply depots will be able to build the Supply Trucks. These will serve as ‘extensions’ of the supply depot. The trucks will be able to be sent to very local areas to deploy into a smaller stockpile of ammunition. This will have a small radius and will only be useful for keeping gun batteries supplied, or serving as little waypoints for vehicles, but they should be made in such a way that they can not be relied upon for all of your ammo needs – just a temporary fix, perhaps making them depletable, ie, they self-d after some time?

Lastly (so maybe it’s three ways), all vehicle, tank, SP and gun yards should give ammo in a moderate radius – seems silly that your tanks and guns would run out of ammo in the middle of your base, and half to travel away to get it. This will also help base defense a little bit as you’ll never need to worry about ammo within your own base (unless of course all of your yards are destroyed).

So this would mean removing the small stockpiles from Engineer’s buildlists. They’ll no longer be a factor. It’ll all be about the big supply depots and trucked-in supplies, which is uber-cool.

Anyway, best part about it is that I’ve already done all of the above in SVN for testing.

I had very mixed feelings. I missed having small stockpiles (Or at LEAST medium ones)

Maybe stockpiles can expend themselves? That’d totally be freakin’ sweet. Like…
Small 100 ammo units (different units use different amounts)
Medium 1000
Large 10000
Home buildings Infinite
And could be “Repaired” to revover munitions.
the simplest way would for it to be based on hp, and make the explosion based of HP. this would make a lot of sense.

I like the reloading near home base, though the range needs to be nerfed to all hell. I mean, Barracks and vehicle yards tend to end up close to frontlines on bottleneck type maps, and this makes combat very spam heavy.

In genereal, good vibes so far, I think it just needs refinements.