(almost) a clan game 2v2 on kiev

Players: Buumi, [SIN]zCram | [AI]Ardh, [AI]Sobi
Game version: 2788
Engine version: 0.81.2
Duration: 50 min
Awesome rating: 4/5
Comments: My ally lost all of his panzer at one point so we were at the verge of defeat. Then suddenly he recovered with the help of aeroplanes. Suprise win! This demo also somewhat demonstrates how artillery works with the current state of affairs, needing lots of storages. I had to set them on hold fire and manually target very so often. On the other hand, did I need so many? Although at the end them giving it away all at once brought the victory.

I imagine the enemy didnt make good use of AA.

In this replay here : viewtopic.php?p=6265#p6265 You can see that [Ai] didn’t use neither the AA vs my planes.

But as soon AA appears, planes are not worthy. The replay I post bellow show how few AA prevented my planes from attacking and destroyed them.

They became unworthy.

The best solution to solve all the felt balance errors is to increase the diversity of multipliers. You want to see a game with only artillery like in past ? then set up " Logistics Resupply Frequency " to " High - 3.75 minute gap " .

You have luck, because there is no Airplane resistance multipliers. So the gameplay you would like to see is possible with the current multipliers, not mine.

That second one was the biggest & longest I had seen in a long time.

Players: FXD, Vorlandnscd, applkn, [SIN]zCram | Artilla, [Ants]Ppsh, [S44]Yuritch (4v3)
Map:Nuclear winter 1944
Game version: r2794
Engine version: 0.81.2
Duration 1hr 11min
Awesome rating: 4/5
Comments: Interesting pushes from sides. I was near destruction for quite some time but game continued and neither team could overcome the other… Supposedly shows US’ panzer range cripplement.

I used the command Salvage on my radar to get some command points when it became obvious planes were useless.

This map advantage strong defensive positions (defended by heavy tanks) and artillery over mobile medium tanks and air support.

The first rush I did with shermans was the last effective. the place became too fortified for US side after.