Here’s an interesting idea for an airfield, after modelling a hanger and control tower (see art forum).

The idea is this:

Buildings such as the hanger, control tower, and radar, would be “seperate”, lua-spawned buildings.

When someone constructs an airfield, all that is layed down is essentially a large, empty, flat area (that takes awhile to build anyway). From there, the player can build additions to the airfield; an airstrip, a hanger, a control tower, a radar tower, and some anti-aircraft guns.

Each of these parts serves a purpose and when they are destroyed (which they can be, seperately), something bad happens.

Naturally, if AA is destroyed, it’s gone, and has to be rebuilt. Airfields should be able to build, say, 5 anti-aircraft; they can choose between light AA, heavy AA, or a combination of both, depending on what kind of defense they need (against fighters or against attack bombers).

If the airstrip is destroyed (and it’ll be the toughest part of the airfield), planes will no longer be able to take off or land.

If the control tower is destroyed, aircraft will no longer be able to land (but can take off – they’ll simply run out of fuel and crash and die).

If the hanger is destroyed, no aircraft can be built.

And if the radar is destroyed, obviously, it no longer has radar.

This way, we can have more than one type of hanger on an airfield; the player can choose to build either a small hanger (for fighters) or a large hanger (for heavy planes), or perhaps the airfield could hold two, so that players can either build one of each or two of the same, for specialization/flexibility.

Anyway this would obviously require some more lua magic and Zpock’s… gone, but I’m hoping these additions can be made easily to what we’ve already got.

It shouldn’t be too horribly difficult. They’ll just all be separate units spawned when an airfield is “built”. So rather than a single unit with a giant footprint, it’ll be a group of units with normal/small footprints and hitspheres spawned at the same time. That’s the plan, at least.

One problem may be repairing it; given that they’ll be different structures, and that nothing will be able to build them indivudally, I’m not sure how harsh we want to make it when (for example), the control tower is destroyed. Ideally I’ll work out how to add a button to the airfield that says “repair damage” and starts construction of the bits of it that were destroyed (allowing you to use engineers to assist and speed up the ones you care about).

In other news, holy shit this is going to make british commandos awesome.

Perhaps add a ground defensive option as another thing for the “weapon slot”.

Also, perhaps they should come with runway and control tower automatically?

Extension of the sub-building idea:
-Two types of slot in an airfield - small and large (weapon and building, whatever).
-Each slot is independently limited.

Small Slots (Limit 5?)
-Light AA Gun emplacement
-Heavy AA Gun emplacement
-Ground defensive emplacement (sandbagged MG?)
-Towed Radar

Large Slots (Limit 3)
-Light Hangar (builds light aircraft)
-Heavy Hangar (builds heavy aircraft)
-Control Tower (allows aircraft to land?)
-Logistics Center (greatly increases speed of aircraft refuel/rearm)
-Fortified Hangar? (provides some protection against bombing raids; only stores aircraft, does not build)

I really think we need to examine the role of the control tower. As it is, it makes no sense not to have a control tower, and taking out a control tower will essentially disable an airfield, making targetting the runway itself irrelevant.