Well I got the game working :smiley:
But when I played I saw no aircraft :astonished:
How do you get them :confused:

oops forgot to ask :blush:

What AI do you recomend

Aircraft are still in testing progress, so they are not actually included in the game, only the beta tester’s versions. The same with all those new vehicles in the WIP section: They are all in the testing phase. They’ll be included in the next version release of the mod hopefully soon. The newest version of RAI is quite a challenge, though abit buggy. I haven’t played Spring:1944 for a long time now, wonder how will that cope.

Thanks :smiley: thats all of my questions done.

Now to kill some Nazies :smiling_imp:

If you want to play with an ai you should get the test version. There are AI sides in that version that greatly improves gameplay.

Do I need to sign up to test

Just join the #44 channel in spring and ask Nemo for the stuff, thats how i got mine.

I like the cut of your jib. :smiley: