Airborne Infantry

US and Britain should get airborne infantry.

These would be managed from the Air Control Centers, or perhaps something else.

This will allow us to include a couple more cool units. Here are the different unit types:

Paratrooper Platoon: Basically a single plane loaded with a platoon (~12) men, basically a standard rifle platoon.

Glider Support Platoon: Basically a section of infantryman who arrive via a Glider. We can include several variations of the Glider Support Platoons to contain various weaponry, or we can include this weaponry in a single platoon: Light anti-tank gun (US 57mm, British 6-Pounder); Mortar; Medium/Heavy Machinegun. For instance, the Glider platoon could consist of one light anti-tank gun, two mortars, two medium/heavy machineguns. Naturally it would cost an arm and a leg (compared to other infantry sections). The light AT guns would perform much like German and US infantry guns. They can fire without deploying, and can morph into a jeep for fast movement.

These should arrive like aircraft currently do. In the case of Paratroopers, you click on their icon and select a location and the aircraft will fly in to that location, drop the paratroops (how this is accomplished is up to any LUA guys), and then fly off map - it should not be controllable at all if possible (so no changing your mind about location). Gliders similarly will have a location selected, then fly into the map, to the location, and drop their glider, with the tug turning around and leaving. The glider will then somehow get to the ground and automatically discharge its passengers like a transport.

Landed Gliders can serve as supply piles as well. Also, should they enter the map with a tug? Maybe they can just fly in on their own? (I’m not sure what the US tug aircraft will be, GBR can use the Albemarle a model of which is in my svn folder).

Germany used paratroopers as well, and trained them into 1944. Lost over fifty thousand, if I recall. Carentan, Monte Cassino, etc. Don’t forget the rescue of Mussolini.

Besides the invasion of Crete in 1941 and the use of a few dozen special operations troops landing in gliders, Germany’s paratroop divisions were used as conventional ground forces.

US, used them for Operation Market Garden i think, the bridge of Arnhem “Arnheim”, Netherlands. ^^
But they got problems against the German Wehrmacht, we lost so much soldiers only to hold this stupid bridge lol i cant believe how stupid some of our commanders was. But STEINER was the best ^^ anyway maybe a Mission in - Game where you play US soldiers landing troups and you need to take back the bridge of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden) they used for the landing some kind of paragliders to transport or land light vehicles for the paratroopers but iam not sure of the name “paragliders” xD i hope it dont mean anything else :smiley:

Arnhem was taken by british troops

The Soviets also had many trained parachutists, though they didn’t really get many opportunities to use them in airborne operations.

Apparently parachuting became somewhat of a fad in the Soviet Union in the late 1930s.

yeah sorry about this mistake xD i didnt see any different in the equipment between US and British forces xD ^^

British helmet shape was pretty distinct imo, hard to confuse with anyone else :slight_smile:

yeah i know that there was a difference but they also had the US helmets i think?

Forces in Arnhem had the Mk 3 ‘turtle’ helmet which is less distinctive

IMO, do it how it was actually done in the war.

The US would infiltrate a team of US Army Pathfinders in the designated drop region shortly before the actual airdrop; the Pathfinders would set up drop zones and the like.

Basically, commandos with a slightly different mechanic. The Pathfinder is cloaked, gets behind enemy lines, calls in paratroopers. Paratroopers arrive shortly thereafter.

This is good for a couple of reasons:

  1. Makes flank and rear-area security more important… currently people tend to ignore this (and feel the wrath of my Partisans as a result). If you’ve protected your flanks from infiltration you can rest assured that random parachutes won’t start falling in your base.

  2. Since by default each player knows where every other player’s base is, I can forsee problems where it’s simply a race to see who can paradrop a couple of platoons into the other’s base first. If it’s necessary to first infiltrate the enemy’s base it at least makes it work to call for a paradrop inside the enemy’s base.