Air-to-Air Combat: Winning Dogfights

Anyone have any tips for winning fighter vs. fighter engagements? I seem to have hit-or-miss luck with them.

Divide your fighters so that you got atleast one of your fighter against one of their fighters. Fighters on patrol or fight commands tend to target only the closest enemy fighter if they are flying in a group. If they fly in for just one of the enemy planes they usually bunch up and become easy pickings for other enemy fighters.

If you are outnumbered be careful before you move out of your own flak covarage.

If the enemy planes is attacking ground targets, divide your fighters to attack 1 plane each. The heigher altitude and speed of your aircraft usually gets the job done.

If the enemy planes are spread out, pick them out 2v1 and attack from several angles.

If your opponent isn’t paying attention to their air. Pick out induvidual targets or flank enemy groups.

If you see that any of your fighters are cought in a scissors fight, send support as you usually have like 3-10 seconds before the fight is won or lost.[attachment=0]scissors fight.jpg[/attachment]

If an enemy plane is coming in fast from behind don’t retreat your plane unless you are sure that it can get to a safe zone. It is usually better to let the planes dogfight and send in other planes to support it if you can.

Attack from different angles.

Fight commands and patrol commands are devious because it puts your figthers at risk if there are enemy fighters around when they fly so low and lose such alot of speed as they attack ground units.

General rule of thumb.
Manouvers before numbers.
If the opponent isn’t paying attention to his planes or if you find a way to outmanouver, isolate, bait or outmicro you can usually overcome a much greater number of fighters than you command.

Numbers before quality.
Since players hardly are able to control their aircraft aswell as a trained pilot or squad leader it doesn’t matter that much if its a Messerschmitt Me 262 or Yak-9 on the other planes’ tail as both will make short work of their targets once they got a clear shoot.

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