Air now worthless

So yeah, AA is an unstoppable rapetrain now.

Had a battle in which a single mobile AA sat immobile in the center of the map and just absolutely annihilated everything and anything that came anywhere near it. Entire flights of planes insta-gibbed before I could blink. Bombers and attack aircraft shrugged away and insta-gibbed.

ANd in the same game, deciding to not be a bastard and use AA because its OP as shit, was fighting off enemy air attacks with fighters, like they’re supposed to. And they worked wonders, except for if they strayed within 90 miles of one of those AA guns which insta-gibbed them.

I told you you didn’t need to stop interceptors from attacking ground targets and ultrabuff AA guns at the same time. One or the other would’ve balanced it out, but no of course you had to go and do both and completely flip the teeter-totter over to the other end. :smiley:

This also has the unfortunate side effect of making interceptors even more useless as when you detect enemy air sorties incoming you can’t quickly deploy interceptors to go meet them midway and intercept them, if enemy has AA in vicinity your interceptors are toast.

IMHO as we’ve said, interception should be primary form of anti-air, while AA guns on the ground are relegated more to trying to defend/drive aircraft off once they’ve arrived – not intercept them and stop them carrying out their mission.

Please upload a replay.

I agree that interceptors have a really hard time intercepting planes. Espacially over enemy flak.