[AI] vs [s44] and Lowdive. Battle 1: Terra Firma

Players:[AI]Ardh, [AI]Sobi. vs [s44]yuritch, Lowdive.
Game version:test-2786
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: I screwed up my early barracks BO, but I kinda fixed it later. I also stopped spamming HQ platoons at some point in the game… that just ruins my games.

In this battle I got to battle Ardh(RUS), and yuritch(RUS) got to battle Sobi(GER), I actually pushed Ardh all the way back to his undefended base, but I wasn’t able to capitalize on his base weakness because of one major flaw that yuritch and I had on this map…: We didn’t agree on who was going to get middle flag. I thought yuritch could use it for extra command for his tankettes and stuff… so I didn’t capture it.

Turns out none of us did nothing major to secure that flag, and Ardh and Sobi had an open window to help each other when needed, so when I had Ardh in a compromising position, Sobi gave him a hand by pressing into my weak middle-map territory, so I had to focus on Sobi…

My usual paratrooping would have been a waste of command…
So I layed my bets on ground attack aircraft… and guess what… NO GOOD, man, till now I’m remembering to report that malfunction.

And my USblitzkrieg was major fail against some well placed ZiS-2 that I didn’t notice until all my tanks where scrap.

Time advanced and Ardh made T-34 or IS-2 armors… I really didn’t pay attention to the model numbers…

He pwned me and then flanked yuritch after I was gone.

Yuritch himself was cornered by Sobi by the time I got eliminated, my mustangGA’s didn’t help him AT ALL… so Sobi had infantry AND vechicle superiority over him.

When Ardh flanked him, we all new it was over.