AI doesn't work.

Downloaded the version with spring included, but whener I start playing with AI, if it is allied to me, it gives me the control of all her units, and if the AI is my enemy, it just stays put, without doing anything.

Any help?

(Btw the game is fantastic, I really like the concept)

Sounds as if you’re not using CRAIG for the bot, any other AI than CRAIG will not work with S44

Are you sure? I’ve played RAI on s44 in the past, although it is nowhere near as good as c.r.a.i.g.

No AI except for CRAIG will know how to cap flags. Most won’t even figure how to make infantry (since what you build in barracks is NOT what actually comes out of them, engine-wise). This makes all AIs not specifically made to play S44 not able to play it at all. Most AIs will just crash if used with S44.