AI bug report

Heres a suggestion; have one of your testers play a battle with their internet disconnected, and you may possibly notice some new Ai Behavior…just a suggestion; cant wait for the next release

Could you be more specific? I checked CRAIG as included in v1.5 and it seems to be performing normally.

well, just disconnect internet and use the spring lobby
pick the mod, a map and a couple bots; i’ve tried C.R.A.I.G and RAI bot and it always seems the RAI will actually play the game, compared to C.R.A.I.G, which just stands there I’ve Never been able to get either bot deploy AA or AT guns, Make Infantry, or use Aircraft. Also while i’m At it, i noticed that in the gamemaster editor, A few units such as volksstrum, At bunker and Guards can’t be used; is there any way yo fix that.

And in Single player Mode(literally) infantry cannot kill any other infantry (friendly fire) any fixes to these problems?

What version of S44 and Spring are you using? Like I said, I tried CRAIG yesterday with S44 v1.5 and Spring 0.82.6 and both worked normally. No bot will be able to deploy guns or use aircraft, but it certainly produced infantry/vehicles and attacked me and so on.

What do you mean ‘can’t be used’? They can’t be built? Or once built, they do nothing? Anyways those units aren’t included in the main game, so they’re generally unsupported. I should probably remove them from the GM build list.

I think he meant, he knows they are there (I imagine he saw the unitlist somewhere), but the game master editor can’t build them… and he wants to know why.

As for the rest of his problems… I’m clueless.

pretty much summed part of my statement there:

spring version 0.81 2.1
Spring1944: spring1944 V1.5
spring lobby:0.81

i’m not a genius with computers, so please bear with me. I remember complaining about this sometime ago, and someone mentioned the problem could be with a certian port on my computer (probably just confusing you more arent I?). I play Expand and Exterminate and revelation r.60 all the time, and they work…i’m confused what the problem is, as if i knew the problem, i wouldnt be posting this.

The only way i get bots to do anything is by limiting the amount of buildings and engineers they can build.

your spring rev is outdated, current is

why would that matter? i’ve had this problem since luettech

I’m using spring version; S44 version 1.52 “Market Garden”; lobby version (this shouldn’t matter) 0.117 (from git). C.R.A.I.G. works “as expected”, that means it builds infanterie, vehicles and tanks and attacks your spawn, while also capturing off-the-route flags. I find that in some cases it may be a good opponent when put it into the “hard” difficulty setting (from game options tab in lobby).

A long-known limitation of any spring bot is that it cannot choose its own spawn point, and you should use either fixed or random spawning. (If this has changed with the more-recent engines, let me know).

Obviously S44 is such a specific mod that universal bots like RAI are not expected to make a tremendous effort at all. This is why C.R.A.I.G. has been called into existance.

As to the cause of your problem, I couldn’t guess much more; if I get it right you’re using a certain incarnation from the Microsoft® Windows™ family of operating systems. When you install a newer version over the pre-existing one, old stalemate files may be left behind and ruin your genuine gaming experience, therefore I recommend to you to delete everything related with spring except the actual map/mod files (ending with .sdz and/or .sd7) and to reinstall spring and springlobby anew (from Then restore your backup of map/mod files and give the C.R.A.I.G. a nascent tryout. Start with the single-player tab from the lobby or use spring’s own menu that you get when running it direct sans any options. Remember to set the bots’ starting positions manually. I’m sure you will be able to get it working correctly.

Good luck!

P.S.: Out of order corresponding versions of spring and S44 are not expected to work satisfactorily; engine development is making quantum leaps and mods are trying to keep the pace somehow, and vice versa. I don’t particularly like this mess but at least running with the latest and greatest versions of everything should keep you safe enough. If you like to run older versions, start with the engine and look out for dates when certain versions of mods were released. Otherways wrong things can happen.