Add other factions: Japan, Italy and France


You could add other factions of the most important of the Second World War, such as Japan, Italy and France.

I know you are working on 2 factions, Italy and Filandia.

As you work with?

Let me know!

Thank you!

Welcome to the Spring 1944 Forum.

Italy is being worked on. They have a lineup of powerful guns that make them able to compete with other factions armor and have an experimental tank, P.43 bis, at their disposal. The inclusion of an experimental unit is against the design goals of S44 though.

What kind of army did France have in 1944? Could they field anything useful in numbers against german armor?

Stating on behalf of other people and their arguements about the inclusion of Japan it boils down to this:
Japan was mostly a naval force. Japan is seriously lacking AT-capabilities against heavy armor. Their AT-guns would have trouble even against the basic M4A4 sherman front armor.

Free French would just be American units, maybe with a few British ones thrown in.


Can I send material or link on the vehicles, weapons, uniforms for the Italian side?

I open a new discussion or where I post the material and links?

In fact we have Italian units already modeled, but not textured. Look for a mutator made by JAL, that has Italy as playable side.

What we would need is a sound set for Italian units. If you can record some replies, that would be good.

What records do I need?

I can list the records?